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Trust Walk a Path to Freedom and Self Love

by Kelly Bangerter
(Utah )

(This is after client is in the relaxed state after induction)
Now imagine yourself going on a trust walk, a trust walk to freedom and self- love, This is a walk, a walk of getting to know yourself, loving yourself and getting to know who you truly are “your authentic self” Know that you have all of the answers within you.
Now I want you to imagine yourself on this Trust walk, what does your walk look like? Are you on a path by a gentle stream in the mountains? Or are you on a beautiful sandy path by the beach along the sea shore? Where ever you are, you were meant to be there, this is your path, you’re “Trust Walk Path” towards your “Authentic Self” Your true self, pure “Unconditional Love self”
Look around you what are you seeing? What are you smelling? How do you feel? Know that within you, is the real you, waiting for you to fully merge with the real authentic you, your higher self. Know that as you progress along this path you are safe, and you are being guided by many Angels towards something beautiful. As you progress along this path, your trust walk, you will notice that along the side of this path is a small table with a chair, walk towards that chair, it’s meant for you. You sit down and notice there are a set of blank note cards on the table and a black pen. This is your very special set of note cards, meant for you, to write down anything that you would like to release that is holding you back from loving the true you, from becoming your “Authentic Self” You pick up the pen and decide to write that which you wish to release on these note cards, your fears, any insecurities (This is where you would insert their fears of what is holding them back from moving forward) As you write these fears down you will notice that the fears are going away, that your breathing is easier, you are more relaxed, you are more focused and you feel hopeful… keep writing you are doing really well…when you are ready and finished, nod your head after you have written everything down, know you have now released these fears and insecurities onto the paper (Insert what they released)
Now that you are done writing these down, you notice there is a small fire burning gently in a beautiful fire pit… this gentle fire was made just for you, this is your fire of releasing, you gently get up with your notecards in your hand and walk over to the fire. You feel warm beautiful safe energy coming from the fire and you now know what to do… This is your time to drop your cards that you have in the fire… one by one releasing those fears into the fire… when the cards reach the fire your fears and insecurities are no longer… you are free as you release the last one into the fire. You will notice that no longer do you have those fears, they are completely released now….you realize that you have let go and you feel a sense of pure wholeness for you know now that you have transformed…
You turn around and look behind you back to your path and you start your trust walk again towards your path, you start moving forwards and you feel a sense of pure joy in your heart, pure freedom and know that now, you have released your fears, you know that just around the corner or over the hill is your new found freedom and you wonder what does this look like? You also know that just over the hill is you, the new you, ready to merge with you fully… You are nervous but really excited as you notice you are now trusting yourself, loving yourself fully and standing taller, why you can fully breathe as well and you are grounded and joyfully happy. As you move up the hill and gently ever so gently you look down hill, why there you are!!! Wow, look at you shining your light looking up at you, you run down the hill and merge with you!! You are now, your authentic you, fully merged, trusting yourself, shining your light, loving you! You feel purity within you, pure unconditional love, you feel a sense of peace that you have never experience before, you feel a sense of gratefulness. You also have your new set of golden cards, your new positive cards with wording such as I now fully love and accept myself, I am the light that I have been looking for, I love myself, I trust myself. You also hear much clapping around you, why it’s your Angels, you look around you and you now can see them! Wow there are so many! They have been with you all along you realize and you feel a deep sense of love knowing they will always be with you. You feel a deep sense of love unconditionally for you, the new you. Always know you can come back to this special place feeling pure love.
(Now this is where you insert the awakening process)

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