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Tips To Cleanse Your Meditation Space...

It is very important to me to have a 'feel good' meditation space. I'm very sensitive to energies and so called 'vibes', so I make a point to regularly cleanse my meditation space. I've added 5 easy ways to clear a meditation space (or your home) of negative energies.

1. There is a saying that has been around for a long time — ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. Sometimes I wonder where it originated from because in regards to how it affects a space, it makes all the difference in the world. So that is the first thing you can easily do to lift the feeling and energy of your space – keep it clean.

2. Use a smudge stick to cleanse all negativity from your space. A smudge stick is usually made of dried sage leaves, but I have seen variations with added herbs. Personally when I use my smudge stick I like to recite a few words for additional impact. For example, ‘All negativity I hereby dispel, only love, light and positive energy may reside here’. It adds an almost sacred ritual feel to the task, which I enjoy. But don’t take it too seriously, it’s important to have fun with these things and to make them enjoyable. And while you only use the smudge stick once in a while for proper cleansing, remember to burn some incense more regularly. It’s a great space purifier.

3. The sound of a bell or singing bowl is also a great way to lift the energy in a space. The sound waves break up any stagnation in the flow and the residual vibration recharges the energy of a space with positive energy. It’s fun and easy to walk around your space or even your entire home ringing a bell. Brings a smile to my face every time I do it.

4. An even easier way to lift the energy in your space is to simply light a candle. A candle flame is a wonderful negativity absorber. As a bonus it spreads a really lovely warm glow, which enhances the feel of any place. Just remember to extinguish any candle before you leave or fall asleep.

5. A very powerful space enhancer is the simple act of asking a higher power to bless your space. If you pay attention you can literally feel the subtle shift in the energy of your space. Powerful stuff! Personally I always like to give some love and gratitude in return for any blessings, but that’s just me.

I hope you enjoy your space cleansing, and like I mentioned earlier have a little fun with it. That alone will make a big difference...

Please feel free to add more space cleansing tips or general advice below. Any 'how to' sharing is greatly appreciated!

Love & light,
Susanne Kempken 

Thanks for the tips Susanne. I like the bell idea. Will try it today... Crystals are also great to lift the energy in a meditation space. I have a large Amethyst in my meditation room and it really affects the energy and the overall feel in a positive way.


Hi Susanne,

I do everything that you have mentioned above and last week I added a Himalayan Salt Lamp to my space and am finding it excellent for not only cleansing my space but for my aura also.


I love the tips you shared here Susanne. Thank you so much. I know this will make cleaning space easier. 


Thanks everyone!

I have a salt lamp as well and I fully agree with you Robin. I love it. It spreads such a lovely warm light and is perfect for meditating because it's not very bright.

Crystals are another great space enhancer, thanks for mentioning that Dee. Smoky quartz is supposed to be particularly good for absorbing negative energy and lifting the vibration in a space. I have to admit that I have many crystals throughout my home. Apart from having a positive effect on any space, they are also rather beautiful, so I'm a bit of a collector. 

Love & light,
Susanne Kempken

I use aromatherapy to cleanse and lift the energy in my meditation room and my home. I used to love my oil burner, but I recently discovered diffusers. They are absolutely fantastic!


Aromatherapy is another fantastic way to easily improve the feel and energy of your space. Thanks Amora!  I've only recently started to use a diffuser and I have to admit that it works really well. The only thing I miss when I use the diffuser is the candle light that you get from the oil burner. I use Lavender oil or Sandalwood for cleansing my space, but I'm still in the learning process with aromatherapy and oils. At the moment I mostly dabble and choose what smells nice.

It would be great if someone could give some advice on which oils or oil blends work well in a meditation space.

Love & light,
Susanne Kempken

My favourite oil blends for meditation are a healing oil blend (Rosemary, Juniper, Sandalwood) and a purification blend (Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood). Around the house I use an energising blend (Orange, Lemongrass, Bergamot) and a relaxing blend (Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang). But there are heaps of really great oil blends you can buy. 


Heating oils changes the atomic structure of the oil; for most oils this is a bad thing.

If you're using good quality essential oils, you'll get the best use out of them by investing in an ultrasonic diffuser. They'll cost anywhere between AUS$40 to AUS$200. They actually atomise the oil into the air, using water as a carrier, so the aroma is pure and you'll only need to use a few drops per day - and only when you need it. This way you can control the amount of aroma in the air, and you can switch oils any time - even daily depending on your mood, if you want. They also give off a peaceful, light mist. Use only distilled water and such a machine should last a few years. What you save in oil will pay for the machine!


Plants, especially cacti, are very good negativity absorbers. I have 2 in my meditation room and a few spread around my home.


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