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This is How you Keep Your Focus During Meditation

by Rose Tol
(Perth, Australia)

Holding our focus during meditation is for many of us the hardest thing to do. It is not so easy for our mind and all of it's 50,000 thoughts a day, to stay focused at the task at hand; which in meditation is to go deeper, to go further, to find more, to receive more.

I have come to know the true teaching on desire and specifically something I call now my spiritual desire.

Spiritual desire is to meditation what the sun is to human life: we need the sun to keep our life forces going, and we need spiritual desire to sustain our focus and endeavors in each second of meditation. Everything stems from your spiritual desire. You do not have to see it as “spiritual desire” if that does not resonate with you. You can see it as your motivation, your intention, or your drive to improve and evolve. Whatever you call it, this kind of desire is a feeling within, and is what sustains your focus as you meditate.

It really is a most powerful thing to focus in on your desire. The key is to focus in on the feeling of the desire, your intent to meditate. Then let this feeling guide you, move you, take you. Your desire becomes like a flashlight and lights the way of your path within.

Buddha gives us two of the most profound teachings about the subject of human desire.
Regarding desires of the flesh, he taught that, that kind of desire is the root cause of human suffering.
Regarding spiritual desire, he taught that it is essential for spiritual advancement.
For spiritual desire he is reported to have said,
“By endeavor, diligence, discipline and self-mastery, let the wise man make of himself an island that no flood can overwhelm”.
Endeavor, diligence and discipline – these are all manifestations of spiritual desire.

Desire is a powerful force – any desire is a force that can make things happen.

And then in closing I would like to share the following quote with you as it has helped me so much over the last years of my own transformation. It is a quote from Gourasana:

"In spiritual life, in search for truth, in search for God, desire is everything.
Desire is a force that moves you, not only in spiritual life, but it moves you from one place to another in this material world.
The situations that you create are largely based upon desires.
So just as much of your material life is created by your desires, so is your spiritual life, because it is only by spiritual desire one makes spiritual advancement in meditation."

Thanks for reading my tip and I hope it helps you in some way.

If you like to read up more about this topic you can read more on the following site:

in great respect of your journey,

Rose Tol

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by: Roosmaryn

Thank you for this simplisitic reminder. We allow ourselves to get drawn into unneccessary complexities...while yes, all we need to feel is the hearts desire to be truthfully more our spiritual selves in daily practise.

a minor change
by: rose tol

Hi this is Rose, the author of the article written. I hope this is ok for me ask to make one minor change to the article. A friend of mine suggested to do this. Could you change the webside address in the end of the article to a link?

This will help me greatly!

I also bought some music from your sister site: Letting Go. I love it and am creating some meditations with it that I also would love to share with you.

Thanks for everything you are doing to support the world to meditate!!!

Thank you ,

Many Warm Regards,

Rose from R&I Life Coaching.

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