For Lovers of Meditation

The Wisdom of 'Beingness'

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

How often in the stress of everyday living one often hears the words; 'I just don't have the time to do what needs doing',its as if time is speeding up"./ I have a very strong suspicion that this is exactly what is happening, that there is a great urgency from cosmic levels for humanity to 'reach up higher', to awaken to the spirit-self and grasp their innate divinity by transcending the personal , Earthy self. As a prelude to this it could be that those very great cosmic souls are indeed speeding up time and implanting in the minds of men the urgency to tap into their own high spirit-selves. As this process unfolds, as more and more high spirit energies are released and streamed upon Earth it becomes apparent that one needs to consciously make the effort to stay focussed on inner peace and light, to tap into the placid waters of that harmony, the pure waters of 'beingness'. As is well known this is accomplished via the use of continual meditation, prayer, and the intentional use of powerful mantra's, all of this in tandem with serving the great plans of the ascended masters and ultimately those of that great entity who is the Solar Logos of this system.
The wisdom of beingness, to consciously be, is a lost art and it is only in the last few years with the powerful thrusts of cosmic, spiritual energy from the higher powers that men and women have been re-awakening to their divine potential. I say
re-awakening, since there was a time in long,long ages past when men walked and communed in full conscious awareness with cosmic beings. Of course to 'be' is not always that easy in todays pressurized world. One has to work at it constantly and thats as as it should be until we have, in turn,attained our mastery and are permitted to join the ranks of the enlightened.
I find it useful and very soul impacting on awakening each morning to dwell on this beingness, to invoke that inner light and to ask for its guidance and protection.

Arise, arise O my soul
and shatter the bowl
of the finite self.

Arise, arise O my soul
and lead me to the effulgence
of the one radiant whole.

Lead me through love's shining door,
lead me to ever higher awareness
of divine cosmic law.

Arise, arise O my soul
and lead me to the blazing goal
of oneness with the ALL.

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