For Lovers of Meditation

The Solace

by Tanushree Biswas

My meditation story.... Ya my life is full of ups and downs.... and the emotional ups and downs used to damage me a I was just roaming from temple to people to anybody who can give me solace from within me.... give me a meaning to my life.... and actually visited many places ...and interacted with books.... but then came to the conclusion that all is just aid.... nobody can do anything to bring peace to the the turbulent mind...unless it self practiced from within.... then took meditation....first it was not one which gave me happiness.... slowly.... the after feelings of meditation and the changing viewpoint within those blooming flowers inspired me....meditation clarifies aspects....clarifies an instant happening and how I react to that action... it soothes the reaction to an action....and calms the self and also it changes the attitude to solve a problem.... I have experienced it myself... of-course meditation is a self disciplined and demands rigorous practice which of course I am unable to follow due to self indiscipline....

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