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The Silence Speaks

by Medina
(carrollton georgia 30117)

To be in silence is absolutely amazing. I first started meditating at 17. I never set a specific time that i would meditate because it can be done anywhere at any time. When i enter into a meditative state, weather it be around an active place or a quiet place, i am aware that i have drifted away from the normal human reality.

It is here that the silence is present but of course sound is still there. Sound transforms into emotion and messages are sent to me through this intense emotion of silence.
On one stormy day i entered this state of mind while listening to the sound of thunder and lightening. In this state of consciousness i became apart of the storm. I was instantly the lightning strike in the sky. I felt all the molecules bursting like fireworks tearing through the air as if i were those molecules. Then again i became the rain, a single rain drop as it fell to the ground gradually getting smaller and then being scattered into little peaces on the hot pavement.
I was at that moment the rain and lightening and i understood their nature and i realized their purpose. Soon i came back to normal awareness and i never see storms the same anymore.
Another meditation experience when done in the traditional sitting position. I payed close attention to the beating of my heart and its pulsation. I began to feel the blood pulse through every vain in my body. Eventually i felt as if i had no body and i felt the pulse move through the room. Then the walls of the room disappeared and the pulse flooded the land surrounding my home and i was connected to every living thing. We were one being in that moment.
It was there again that the silence spoke!!

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