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The Power Up Candle Meditation

by Susanne Kempken

This is a meditation you can use whenever you are feeling a little depleted. On the days when I can feel myself slumping or collapsing around the middle of my body, specifically around the solar plexus, I usually take some time to do my Power Up Candle Meditation to recharge my solar plexus chakra.

The ‘Power Up Candle Meditation’ is a simple, yet powerful meditation that will help you inject a little extra energy into your third chakra. The element that is associated with the third chakra is fire, so you will need a candle for this meditation.

Find yourself a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of your meditation.

Now light the candle and place it on a small table in front of you, preferably around the height of your solar plexus once you are in a sitting position. Make sure that your candle is safely lit in a holder, so that you don’t end up worrying about the candle flame when you meditate.

You can either sit cross-legged on the floor or in a comfortable chair. The choice is yours. Just make sure that you sit up straight. If that causes too much strain to maintain, you can place a pillow behind your back to keep a good posture and still be comfortable.

Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Allow your shoulders and arms to relax. Take another deep breath and pull your breath right down into your belly. Take another deep breath and repeat quietly in your mind: I am ready to relax. I am ready to still my mind.

Now open your eyes and take a long look at your candle flame. Memorise the brightness, the colour and the vibrancy of the flame.

"The flame is alive, full of energy and it is happy to share its energy with you."

Now close your eyes and picture the flame. Take a deep breath and imagine the flame being drawn into your solar plexus as you inhale. With every breath you take imagine the endless vibrant energy of the candle flame flowing into your solar plexus. Make sure to continue to inhale deeply and slowly.

After a while you may begin to feel a gentle tingling or buzzing as your energy increases. You may feel this directly around your solar plexus or in other parts of your body. Personally I feel it throughout my entire body, but there are no rules and everyone is different.

Once you feel that you have absorbed enough of the candle flame’s energy, allow the image of the flame to fade from your mind. Continue to sit quietly and pay attention to your body and how it feels. If thoughts pop into your mind, simply let them go and bring your awareness back to the feel of your body and your energy.

When you are ready place your feet firmly on the floor to reconnect with the here and now. Make sure that you give yourself a few minutes to bring yourself back to reality and ground yourself through gently moving your body. You can stretch your arms and legs, gently stretch your back and move your fingers and toes. All these exercises bring you firmly back into your body.

I would like to add at this point that if you tend to feel particularly weak or vulnerable around your solar plexus on a regular basis, it is also very helpful to start doing a few sit-ups every day to physically strengthen that part of your body. This may seem like an overly simple remedy, but it really helps.

Personally I like to thank the candle flame for sharing its energy with me before I put it out, but that's just me. I enjoy feeling connected to all things, even candle flames. It keeps life interesting and makes me happy....

I hope you enjoy this meditation!

Susanne Kempken is the co-founder of The Guided Meditation Site. Please click here to explore Susanne's guided meditations.

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