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The Perfect HeartSpace Meditation
(Activate your Magical Mind Series)

by ArcturianStar

The mystical key to sublime gifts & powers has been wisely hidden in your heart....
Find it!

Music 'Heavens Gate' & 'Om Mantra' by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by

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In an introductory lecture ArcturianStar reveals the mystical powers of the human heart, secrets known to the ancients of all religions and mystics of times gone by...
The human heart is as an instrument which can be fine tuned to emit 'the Key', a vibrational tone which opens the gates to higher spirit, to the higher worlds of Light, to the higher mind functions, creativity, genius, healing and abundance.
Through a series of guided meditations she will lovingly guide you to your very own perfect heartspace, where in due time, you will activate your 'key'. ArcturianStar not only guides you on the path to finding this sacred inner space but gives you the tools to maintain this state for prolonged periods of time...blessing your entire system with Grace!

ArcturianStar is a mystic & hypnotherapist.
Her earthly certifications include: hypnotist, medical support clinical hypnotherapist, as well as natal, past-life & inter-life regression hypnotherapist.

Meditations by ArcturianStar are appropriate for anyone who accepts the existence of Higher Spirit & a universal creative intelligence.

Through the Activate your magical Mind series ( a series in the making with many titles to come), her goal is to empower us, help us re-member who we are, heal, enlighten, accomplish inner alchemy & reach final liberation.
No one can give us the above elements, nor can money ever buy them, as this is the great work each of us has to accomplish throughout our incarnation cycles. However, individuals who hold the activated keys within themselves are able to transfer them to others via various means, triggering others to re-member themselves.

Through the union of her love, the power of her voice & her profound know-how, ArcturianStar will gently guide you to re-member yourself & offer tools & techniques which your magical mind will use to integrate-align-activate-transmute-unite-enlighten-liberate at the pace most appropriate for you; offering you a meaningful experience filled with peace, beauty & magic!

By downloading ArcturianStar's work, you allow her to empower you & you empower her to empower others, who will in their turn empower many more thus creating a mighty evolutionary chain!

The artwork to this series is sublime & has been powerfully encoded to trigger & activate your magical mind.
It was designed to move & stir deeper aspects within you to unite those aspects towards one great work & bring to conscious awareness the ancient knowledge of your soul.
If this image feels somewhat 'haunting', calling you to look at it again & again.... and again!
Be assured the activation is working & you will benefit most by having the artwork visible to you daily.

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(Activate your Magical Mind Series)

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Jan 28, 2014
Heaven Sent
by: Anonymous

This meditation is exquisitely spoken and very powerful, creating true grounds for change and transformation from within. It is just what I needed: healing, deeply soothing and elevating.
Gratitude to the author!

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