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The kingfisher

by roxanne bone
(Taunton uk)

The Kingfisher

Take 3 deep long slow breaths,

Relax the whole of your face, your eyes, the space under your eyes, your cheeks and jaw,
Allow your tongue to rest gently in your mouth,

Relax your neck, shoulders, the whole of your arms, wrists and hands,
Your chest and torso relax,Your waist, hips and pelvis,
Your buttocks and thighs sink deeper into the mat,
Your legs, ankles and feet feel heavy,
The top of your back, spine and bottom of back let it all go into relaxation

You find yourself walking on the bank of a river,
The water is trickling down stream,
The sun set high in the sky reflecting on the clear gentle flow of the water,

Up ahead you catch a glimpse of movement, a flash of the most beautiful vibrant colour,
As you walk slowly towards this amazing sight you suddenly see what has attracted your attention,
It is so still perched on a twig sticking out of the water,

Your breathing slows as you stay quiet so as not to disturb this wonderful moment,
The kingfisher looks up at you, shining in the warm sun his wet feathers of bright blue and orange glisten like crystals,

You feel a leap of joy in your heart to have found such a wonderful sight,
You kneel down in the grass and decide to sit and watch the kingfisher,
You feel a sense of calm,
The kingfisher represents peace and prosperity and you are so grateful for this moment,

He stares into the water ready to dive in, and with a flash of blue he is gone,
You wish him fair well and return to your feet and continue on your way keeping the image of the kingfisher in your mind you hope you will see him again one day,

The air is warm around you and against your skin, the sounds of birds bring your attention to the sky, and for a moment you stop and admire the swifts speeding through the air, busy in their day,
You know that summer has arrived and it feels wonderful.

You drop your gaze and walk on further, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature and you are so grateful and happy.

Just up ahead is a wooden bench, as you reach the bench you sit down, the wood is warm from the heat of the days sun, you lean back to feel its warmth around you.
You feel so safe and rested here, you close your eyes, listening to the gentle flow of the water and smell the meadows surrounding you.

It is time to return now, you rise slowly up from the bench and begin to walk back the way you came.

The swifts overhead twittering their high pitched song,
You spot the twig sticking out of the water, and just for a moment you stop in anticipation of seeing the kingfisher again,
You smile at having been so lucky to have seen him and know how rare it is to catch sight of a kingfisher,
You walk on keeping the image in your mind to remember this peaceful moment.

Begin to wiggle your toes and fingers, slowly stretch your arms and legs, and when you feel ready open your eyes xx

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Easy way to take a little break with very lovely imagery
by: Anonymous

I loved the image of seeing this bird as a means to relax and it felt a bit like coming along for a little walk in nature. I happen to love birds and have been on many nature walks including seeing a kingfisher. Very lovely, thanks!

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