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The Art of Letting Go

by Robert
(Birmingham, UK)

In this world, the idea of concentrating on self is a very ingrained principle. The whole capitalist system relies on each individual taking a self centred approach to life. Even new age spiritual doctrines focus on themes such as finding your true self, or who you really are, divine sovereignty etc.

Many who do think of giving, think only in terms of the human race. Contributing to society, helping other human beings. Or perhaps we go so far as helping other animals if we feel love for them. This is all very good. It is wonderful to take the focus off the self and concentrate on others.

However many, many people concentrate on themselves, and their close relationships. They focus on the relationships that will make them happy, money, material goods, experiences and sensory delights that will satisfy them.

The problem with this self centred approach is that when things go wrong, as they inevitably do, because of excessive self concentration, we can experience severe stress, fear, anxiety, worry, depression and many other emotional problems.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy, and with wanting to be in harmony, which is what happiness really is: The harmonious operation of the human being, mind body and soul. Yet the way we go about trying to find happiness through relationships, money or other external things is doomed to failure. Amassing, grasping, accumulating things and people does not bring happiness or harmony.

Many people experience fear and anxiety for themselves and for the future. Stress over money and financial situations is common. Dealing with job and relationship problems can be very difficult. Not to mention illness, disease and mental problems. And these are the fortunate ones. At least they are not starving or suffering from slavery and war like many others in the world.

All these negative situations and problems arise through the karmic result of the past actions of human beings. The human race has engaged in many many terrible actions of the past, and the current suffering on the planet is a result of this. Apart from the many horrible things humans have done to each other, animals and the planet. We take, take, take from this beautiful planet without giving anything back.

It is a narcissistic exaggeration of the selfishness of our species, that takes from the body and consciousness of the planet without giving anything back in return. We assume that this planet belongs to us, without realizing that we all without exception are beneficiaries. Everything we have including all our possessions and human bodies, is given to us by the kindness of the consciousness of this planet.

And what do we give back to her?

How many people spend any amount of their time sending gratitude and love to this wonderful planet. Who give love to mother earth, her nature spirits that work to provide all the benefits we have. The gorgeous energies that surround us on this planet, unique and wonderful in the galaxy. Who send love to the divine beings that administer this world, the elementals of the ocean, sky and earth. That celebrate the beauty of this planet and the love that flows through all things. What do we do to the animals who constantly emanate this love?

No no no, many of the human race only sees itself, it’s selfish needs, it’s selfish desires. Giving love to the planet seems absurd. In fact it does not even enter into their consciousness. What we can seize, what we can take. How much money can I make. How can I “survive”. Who will love me. How can I be happy. How much profit can I make. How can I make my life comfortable. How can I look after my family. How can I get a partner.

The greatest wealth a human being has is the love within them. Giving this love is the meaning and expression for life on this world. Gaia has no need for your money and all your possessions already belong to her, they will return to her when the human race is nothing but the dust of an ancient memory. What Gaia longs for from the human race, is their love, their kindness, their innocence.

To emanate love from the heart and aura to all beings throughout this planet is the harmonious functioning of the human being. There is no longer anything to fear, or to “try” to survive. When your thoughts, emotions and emanation give love to all the expressions of mother earth. This language of love, communing and communicating with nature through love is what is missing from the human beings of this civilization. As a result they are cut off from nature and probably have good reason to fear it.

This planet and all planets, all galaxies within this universe were created out of the void to celebrate Love. This is the great harmony. You enter this harmony through the expression of love through the heart and mind. In this way you join the great celebration of love throughout the universe.

The suffering of the world is created through the negative karma of the past. Love and Compassion create huge amounts of positive karma in the present and for the future. There is no greater way to increase your storehouse of merit (thats real wealth that lasts not only for this lifetime but for future lifetimes).

Akasha is the fifth element. It is also called by others The Spirit, God, Emptiness, The divine, The source, The Infinite Light, The Great Mother, The Force :-) It is the infinite void, out of which all of creation was birthed. This spirit is pure emptiness, there is no self there,no time or space, no attachment, no ego, no desire, no negativity. Pure bliss and infinite love and compassion.

Spend time in meditation to let go of attachment, worries, desires, cravings, stresses, fears and self obsessions. Let go of those things that define our identity, and dissolve this ego into infinite emptiness. There is no self there, only pure awareness. We enter Akasha and become a chalice that is full to overflowing with love. Our identity becomes this love. Give this love to all to others, because this chalice is the outpouring of the source of love to all beings and all things, which never ends.

There is nothing to fear or worry about. Whatever needs we have are met. Whatever problems we have, the wisdom, knowledge and solution arises out of the infinite depths of love and the great spirit. When we are in ego and worry, our fear prevents the spirit from flowing through us. Let go of worry and doubt. This vibration is absolute trust and faith. Let the omniscient wisdom of the divine source flow through you.

One day we will all die. Eventually the human race will be no more on this planet. And long after this, the planet will be no more. All our concerns and worries will mean absolutely nothing. All that is left is the gratitude and love we have given to each other, the planet and the divine. This will last for eternity. For this reason forgive and let go of all who have wronged you.

To live a life of beauty, and harmony and to enter the sacred space of peace and everlasting happiness. Let go and Let love fill the heart, mind and soul.

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