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Tap Your Energy

by Aruna Kumar Patri
(New Delhi, India)

Case – 1: P & Q, both work in the same office. Today in the morning while P left home he could not have his breakfast properly. At the lunch time due to some client visits, he could not get his lunch. Even because of lot of work during the day, he forgot to drink sufficient water. Now he is off for the day now getting back from his work to home. He feels like too tired for the day. He does not have the stamina to get down through the stairs from first floor to the office parking area. He is even unable to stand straight inside the life and leans to the lift walls.
On the contrary, Q had his full breakfast in the morning. He took his lunch in time and despite having a much busy schedule, he is carrying his water bottle and has been drinking lot of water during the day. In the evening while getting back to home, he feels like he should take the stairways from 8th floor to the office parking than using the lift. Although he had a busier schedule, but he feels much energised and empowered.
Case – 2: On the road both A and B are driving their cars. A is returning from the Coffee Home where he had a bad time with her girlfriend who has now ended their long relationship some minutes ago. He is thinking of all the bad qualities his ex-girlfriend has. He remembers how his girlfriend deceived him. He drives his car at a very low speed. He feels like he is unable to press his accelerator and shift his gears. He feels his hands, head and legs are too heavy to be lifted and used. He feels powerless.
On the contrary, B is returning from the same Coffee Home where the girl whom he loved much proposed him to get married. He is thinking of all the good times both of them had spent and also imagining about the happy life that they will lead after their marriage. His car is moving smoothly, little faster than the other cars, with all those zip-zak traffic overtaking all other vehicles on the road like a sports star. He is too excited and feels like top of the world. He feels empowered.
Case – 3: This is the finale of a dancing competition. Two final contestants X and Y are on the stage. One of them will be declared as the winner and will be recongnised as the best performer and will be rewarded with number of awards and prizes. On the other hand, the looser will be the looser.
The host …. starts calling the name….. takes a pause….. takes a deep breath….look at the card in his hand….. starts announcing the name….. again takes a pause…..
During this period, both the contestants are feeling the same heart beat out of their mouth. Suddenly the host declares the name of X as the winner. X jumps and starts dancing, waves his hand, his entire body comes to move, he feels energetic and excited. He feels at the top of the world, he feels like most empowered one.
On the contrary, Y stands still. He wants to move and congratulate X, but feels like his hands have become 10 times heavier. Stands with his head bowed, unable to raise his head and look at the audience. He feels like the most powerless.
By giving the 3 examples above, I have tried to explain you the three forms of energy that we require to lead a powerful life. The three forms of energy that affects the quality of our lives are (1) Physical Energy; (2) Mental Energy; and (3) Emotional Energy.
In the first case Q is feeling more energetic than P, because he got his food and water for the entire day and therefore has comparatively more physical energy than P. In the second case, B is feeling more energised than A because all the positive thoughts are going on in B’s mind, whereas A is thinking about negative things. B is getting more Mental Energy than A and therefore he is more energised than A. Similarly in the third case, X has own the competition and therefore he is now emotionally boosted than Y, who has lost the competition. In other words, X is receiving more of Emotional Energy than Y, so he is feeling more energised.
I am sure, you would have gone through similar cases many times in your life. In this article I will guide you, how can we tap all these three forms of energy to fulfill the dreams of your life and you can live energised all the time.
We humans have been blessed with these three forms of energy for reciprocating the lack of one energy with the other form of energy available to us. However, in the today’s lifestyle these three forms of energy affect each other more negatively than in a positive way.
Let’s consider this example. John is not physically well as he is suffering from some viral infection. His lack of Physical Energy should be compensated by his Mental and Emotional Energy. But John is now thinking about the heavy bills that he has to pay to the Doctor for his cure. He is being emotionally down by thinking how his wife has been taking the extra pain because of his illness.
Ultimately he could have been cured in less time, but he is actually draining his all the three forms of energy that will cost him more pain and a longer time to get well.
We can think of similar situations like escaping our mills because we are stressed or worried for something or someone. We watch a tragedy on our favourite television show and start thinking about all the negative things in our life.
In Neuro Linguistic Programing we say that Body, Mind and Emotion are part of the same cybernetic system. It works like gears cramped with each other. If you think or imagine about positive things in your life, your positive emotion starts to flow and your brain starts sending more energy to your body muscles through the blood cells.
It is said that you cannot cry while dancing or you cannot dance while crying. If we try to get more of any form of energy, it helps us to get more and more energy of other forms. Let me list down some bulleted actions that you can practice doing on a regular basis to tap all these three forms of energy.
How to tap more of Physical Energy?
• Have heavy and nutritious breakfast in the morning and then gradually reduce the size of your meal to have the lightest food in the dinner. Remember the old saying ‘Have breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar’
• Drink 7-9 liters of water every day. Water helps in digesting your food properly. The better your food will be digested the more Physical Energy you will get.
• Regular exercise for at-least 20-30 minutes every day keeps your metabolism high and help you produce more energy from your foods that you consume.
• Eat at the right time when you have just started feeling hungry. Eating when you are not hungry and not eating when you feel hungry, both the cases have adverse effect in draining your energy.
• Get a proper blended nutritious diet as your meal. Avoid too much of oily, fatty and fried junk foods. These foods consume more energy for digestion than the Physical Energy these foods produce.
• Consult a dietician or consume some natural dietary supplements regularly.
How to tap more of Mental Energy?
• Take all the happening I your life more positively. Worry less and celebrate more. In Buddhist philosophy it is said that ‘if there is a solution to a problem or there is no solution to a problem, why to worry’.
• Always believe in the fact that whatever happens, always happens for your good.
• Imagine and visualise your life in a positive way. If you want to a billionaire, visualise as if you have already become a billionaire. You try to hear the sound that you want to hear, see the scene that you want to see, feel the feelings that you want to feel.
• Meditate regularly by just trying to calm your mind for 10-15 minutes every day.
• If your mind is going in the wrong direction, take a U turn. Suppose while going for an interview you are worried about being rejected, simply replace this though by thinking how will you react on being selected.
• We all know that our thought becomes things in our life so think positive always.
• Avoid cheap talks, cheap shows, cheap people, cheap environment and cheap stories that can poison your mind.
• Read inspirational and motivational books, articles, poems and listen inspirational songs.
• Think Good and thank God.
How to tap more of Emotional Energy?
• Life is always a perfect blend of good and bad in life. You will get the more to which you give more emotions. If you are more emotional towards all positive things in your life, how small these may be, you will get more of good things in life.
• Avoid family dramas both onscreen and off-screen
• Take your life easily as tough times never last long
• Where ever you are frustrated, simply replace your frustration with curiosity.
• Remain enthusiastic and encouraged.
• Take all the comments (how bad it may be) as constructive feedbacks
• Always count your successes with yourself, not with others
• Give support, not sympathy to others
• Fall in love with people not with things
• Do at least one good thing (may be some charity) every day and feel good for it.
In conclusion: The difference between the successful people and unsuccessful people is how successfully the person taps all these three forms of energy. The more you get the energy the more fueled you are in the race of your life.
Either you will acquire more of these three forms of energy or this energy will be drain automatically. You can’t keep the energy intact within you. If are not acquiring then obviously you are losing it. Therefore always keep on acquiring it. The more regularly you practice in tapping these energy, more habituated you will be. Once you make a habit of acquiring this energy you will go up step by step without even your own awareness till the time you discover that you are leading a successful life.

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