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Stillness and Centered Meditation

by Andre Jackson
(New Zealand)

As you gently close your eyes and sit in silence, be aware that this moment is a sacred moment for you. Time will slow down and the past and future are not so important now as you relax your body and adjust you spirit. Allow yourself to be ok with slowing down and stopping. Because in this place you are refreshed.
The thoughts of the day slowly start to dissolve in the light of this still place. These thoughts are losing the attachment that we hold on with, and they are observed as we gently let them go and put them down for a moment. And your silence starts to speak a little louder now.

Your breathing becomes your focus point now as you breathe in and breathe out, naturally pausing where you need to and feeling the stillness in that space. This place, right here, right now is free from the past or the future. It's free from judgement and labels. There is no expectation here. This place is where your energy can be renewed and your spirit can breathe. This place is where your inner teacher speaks and it’s this place that you are able to hear and listen.

This may be the first time today that you have paused and stopped. For the next min in the stillness of your breathing, notice what this feel like and notice that in this place you are safe and you are without wanting.

( Pause for 1 min)

As you rest in this moment you notice that your energy is lighter. You feel the heaviness that was before not so weighted now in your spirit. And you notice what that feels like. Feel that energy like a cocoon comfortably wrapped around you. Don’t try to dissect it or interpret it. But just notice it. Your inner sight becomes clearer and you notice your awareness more as it comes into focus. When your thought stray know that that is ok, gently come back to here and now. You may start noticing the gaps in your stray thoughts. Pay them attention. Those spaces where intellect and learned knowledge are bypassed and the thread of us connecting with our spirit brushes past the thread of the universe as it gently collides in this stillness.
And we take our time to listen for the next few mins to the energy this brings.

(Pause for 3 Mins)

You’re here because you are meant to be here. You are listening and noticing what your spirit needs. And this energy, this calm breathing space around you feels like home. Allow yourself to enjoy it. This is what you deserve, and this is where you can say “I am ok right now”. For the next few mins you are in this place of discovery and you listen.

( Pause for 3 mins)

Before the thoughts and the business of the day leaks back in just enjoy it. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to pick them back up after.

As you gently open your eyes.

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lovely script
by: Anonymous

I thought this was a perfect post YOGA asna meditation to bring stillness to the body and mind

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