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Split Souls and suicides

by Brigid Curran
(New Zealand)

Suicide and Split Souls

It has taken me 3 years to write this article as I am quite an analytical person and require confirmation for the work I do. (Clairvoyant Medium) This event is dedicated to Peter Middleton who passed to a better place 8 March 2010. You will rest in peace.

10th March 2010 I read that a friend of mine died suddenly at home (aged 51) I had not seen him for over 20 years so wondered what had happened to the vibrant person I once knew.
Being on a spiritual journey I am aware that everything happens for a reason and that we should learn by events that occur in our lives. This helps us evolve as people. It does not stop you questioning your belief system.
I would like to share this journey with you in the hopes that you will understand that we are destined to be here and should we cut our lives short, we simply have to rectify this in another life.
Late in 2010 I had a dream, a vivid dream. I am a person who does not dream a lot and when I do have one it is usually due to something I have eaten the night before, pickled onions are notorious for doing this. I digress.
I found myself walking up a hill behind a man in red shorts. I looked up and saw my friend Pete. The way he looked in his 20s (when I knew him) Curly hair, moustache, cute smile and twinkly eyes. We walked together in to, what can only be described as, a hobbit like cave with hospital beds. I noticed crutches and hospital equipment around. Very bizarre. We talked, not knowing how Pete had died; I asked him what had happened. He said “I found life just too difficult and did not realize because of what I did I have to come back, please do not be sad but I will see you again”.
Next thing I am being jolted upright in my bed as if someone dropped me from the clouds.
The months went by and I forgot about this dream. Little did I know I was about to enter a journey that would change my life.
January 2011 I was at dinner, there was a man there that was very familiar to me. The build, mannerisms, cheeky smile, twinkle in his eye, I did not know this person prior to this dinner, so why so familiar??? He said something to me that jolted my memory. I said “wow I had a friend who use to say that to me” as I laughed I asked where he was from and when his birthday was. They were the same as my friend Pete. Coincidence…..maybe. I asked if he had connections to the area Pete lived and he did.
This chance meeting turned out to be a whirlwind of an event for me. Throughout 2011 I had a friendship with this person; It appeared he had a split personality, one minute loving and caring, and the next moody, angry, and depressed ….. I did not need this in my life so I endeavored to end this friendship. Every time I would ignore him, I would get pulled by my guides to reconnect, to have a relationship with him, to share time with him. After a very erratic year with him I decided I would just ignore my intuition, my guides and especially him, as he was driving me mad. Simple right?..............Wrong!!! When you are working with Spirit you have lessons to learn so that these messages and lessons can be imparted on others. I was finding this also in my readings, I found a lot more clients were coming to see me and in one way or another suicide was the topic.

One evening, after escaping from this man and feeling very much in control now, my guides asked if I would go and see him. I refused. They asked if I could call him. I refused. Then the feeling to connect became so strong I felt I was being carried to his house. Like a mad woman I found myself knocking on his door, front door, back door, window….I started to fear the worst……he finally answered. He came to door, asked me in. He seemed smaller, almost childlike he was wrapped in a robe and looked soul destroyed. We sat and talked and he explained how he was in his car and felt like driving into a wall and ending his life, he went on to say that life had become too difficult and he had thought about suicide a few times, but instead he seeked out the help of his church and had talked to his minister that day and felt better. At this point I knew I was talking to Pete.
Pete had to come back to live his life to that point, and work his way through it. My guides explained that when someone takes their life, they have to live that life again, to learn the lessons and to move through. Because I had a connection with this person, and I was on a learning journey, my guides thought it would be wonderful for Pete to relive his journey with me (Thanks!!)
I went home never to see this man again. But a year later I invited him for a coffee to see what changes had occurred in his life. When he arrived. He was not the person I knew; there was no resemblance in his appearance to Pete and infact he was a complete stranger to me. That part of the lesson had been learnt and not only had Pete healed, this person had healed too.
Recently, I asked my guides would I ever get human proof that Pete did actually commit suicide, and if I did get proof would I be able to handle it if he in fact did die of a heart attack perhaps and not suicide. Would my belief system be challenged?
I recently got this proof with Pete’s brother.
Here is an excerpt from his email to me.
Mother told me Peter had taken sleeping pills after drinking too much and unfortunately accidentally passed away during the night. The official verdict was Suicide. Every time I have spoken to mother over the last few years before Pete passed away she was telling me he was fine she told me and confirmed Peter had a deep depression for several years prior to the event and was on some very strong anti-depressants……

Was it nice to receive confirmation? In some way it was, but more importantly it made me realize how precious our life is. Reach out and ask for help if you feel this way. As committing suicide will not ease your pain, you will still have the same lessons to learn.
Rest in Peace Pete. I will always love you.

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by: Brigid

Hi Beth, sorry I did not get back to you quickly. You were not suppose to receive that phone call, and I know you would have been going through that torment of, "what if I had picked up the phone". It was meant for you not to receive it. His time had come. As my journey goes on and through the clients that come to visit for readings, I am learning that no two life journeys are the same. I remember doing a reading and 2 men came through to this lady, one had shot himself and the other had died through carbon monoxide from his car. Both had committed suicide. 1 because he wanted to see if there was a white light and the other, was just 'over' his life. Talking two both these spirit, I learnt from them that the one who wanted to see if there was a light was actually a guide now. The other had to come back to finish his life path.
I was brought up a catholic and the damned to hell thing was something we were told too. but I can assure you, after the many readings I have done that your son is being healed, loved and looked after by your family and by "that higher power" As for them coming back to finish their journey, back when I wrote the peter article I would say they all do have to come back. But now I am receiving information from past spirits who state that is part of their life path. Your son, I feel, was an old soul. Been here many lives, he reached out for help by phoning you, that was his earthly intention. The spirit intention was his life journey was over. Yes he was happy with life, but he felt he had done his dash with it all. SO he was taken and now he is home. Home where he can do more for his family, as I feel they have more power on the other side and perhaps that is why he felt pain. Maybe he felt he was not doing enough here. Be happy knowing he is around and I am sure you and his children can feel him sometimes. I hope this gives you some insight. Brigid.

conflicting reads
by: beth

I enjoyed your article and i read everything i come across if i see "suicide" in the title or description and i will explain why. On June 6th 2006 at a little after 12am i received a phone call; i was getting ready for bed at the time and didnt pick up the phone. Just a few short minutes later i listened to the voice mail from that call. It was my beautiful 21-year-old son. In the voice mail (which i remember word for word) he told me he loved me and told me goodbye. He stated how he just couldnt take the pain anymore (pain i wasnt aware of) and that he loved his kids (daughter 5 and twin boys 6months) and loved me and loved life (that confused me) and basically just called to tell me goodbye and to bury him in 2 white tee's and jeans. after i heard this voice mail i called him back hitting redial many many times as he never answered. then by 130am he was gone. He had shot himself twice once in the arm (aiming for his heart and missing i assume) and the 2nd in his heart killing him s he bled out within minutes. Since ive lost him i search and search for any information i can find on suicide and what happens to a persons soul etc. i still do not have any clear answers as most things i read contradict other things i read. I have read that these souls are comforted and tucked way in like a cocoon, ive read they are damned to hell fire for eternity, ive read they are menatlly ill and all is forgiven of them, and ive read that they are put back on earth to live again and deal with the same kind of life issues (similar to your article) my question i guess is which reading is correct or at least closest to what is really happening to my child??? would love any input on this subject.

by: Brigid

Thanks for your lovely message. We often have to go through the dark to get to the ultimate.. I am glad this help x

Needed to hear this
by: Susan

Thank you for sharing your story. I have been suicidal for quite some time and being a spiritual person, I was unsure what to believe about taking my own life. I wish I could know what lessons I am supposed to be learning from my incredibly painful life. It would help to at least know. But your story touched my spirit and I will be giving it a lot of thought. Once again, thank you for sharing.

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