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Soul connections

by Sandi Dolinar

We often come across all kinds of spiritual expressions denoting soul connections, twin souls, complementary souls, soul mates… There are thousands of explanations out there; so let's have a look at what it all means.

The spiritual world has a specifically determined spiritual hierarchy, which can roughly be divided into three levels. The first level is the astral world, which is the lowest level in the spiritual hierarchy and is intended for emotional transformation. The second is the mental level, which is intended for mental transformation, and the third and highest level is the causal level, which is intended for spiritual transformation. All souls based in the three levels can be referred to as earthly souls, because they are the souls which incarnate in our physical bodies. The souls exist within their own spiritual hierarchies in large groups of several thousand or ten thousand souls, which together form an integral whole. All souls complement each other in all areas of their existence and activity.

When it is time for a soul from a certain group to incarnate in a human body, its incarnation takes place during childbirth when the soul enters the body of a newborn baby at its first breath, thus creating a new beginning of the body-spirit symbiosis. The rest of the souls in the group of the newly incarnated soul will form the spiritual guidance of that person, and in that way the friendship, cooperation and complementation between the souls from the group will continue. This means that when we want to connect with the spiritual world, we should turn to our spiritual guidance which consists of souls in our related group, who will do everything in their power to make our lives on Earth easier.
When two people with souls from the same spiritual group meet in the physical life, they are called soul mates, because the two souls are friends from the spiritual world. When two such persons meet in this life as partners, it is highly likely that they will cooperate and complement each other their whole lives. These connections enable strong foundations for coexistence, because such souls strive for common evolution, complementing, cooperation… And the two persons are constantly drawn together, to a common path, towards common goals. So these are soul mates.

Complementary souls are something different. This is an expression describing the encounter, existence, coexistence… of two people with souls which don’t originate in the same spiritual group, but carry such energy that they can give each other everything they need, cooperate with and complement each other, either for a certain period of time or their whole lives. So these souls are not related by origin, but complement each other in the purpose of their activity.

Every soul has an inner core. It is a very important part of a soul, physically it is located in the lower part of a soul, and when a soul is in a body, the core is located in the heart chakra. When a person dies, the soul passes from the physical body home into the spiritual world with the person’s last breath, and that is when our inner consciousness turns inwards, into the awareness of our soul, and as such presents the basis for the following lives. All inner consciousness of each life represents part of our soul’s core, where all records connected to us and our soul are stored. The inner core is therefore the record of our existence which also personifies all spiritual hierarchy within ourselves. Since all lives complement, upgrade and cooperate with one another, the inner core represents the record according to which God determines the next life of a soul, and defines the place and form of the next incarnation. A soul cannot choose its next life itself, because it doesn’t have the insight into the overall strategy for the evolution of life on Earth. God takes care of the balance and perfection of the whole universe, and as a small part of this perfection, we influence with our lives on our own micro-level the evolution of the whole humanity, and with our inner core we contribute to the system of energy balancing in all the areas where we fill in a missing piece in our self-evolution.

It happens, however, that during the personal development of souls many lives overlap. If, for example, two persons with souls from different spiritual levels live together as partners for three to four consecutive lives, they eventually form a common inner core, because after death their consciousness will have turned into the souls’ core, which will continue to connect them in the following lives. The records of their souls contain many common records, and from one life to the next, the number of common records keeps increasing, making the two souls more and more connected in each life. This means that when two people who have souls with a common core meet, the inner core literally draws them together, and they become inseparable partners.

When two soul mates form a common core and live at least a few consecutive lives together as partners, their common inner core becomes the base for their next life, because it receives God’s dedication. From the common core a new soul is born, which is then incarnated in two bodies, meaning that the soul is split into two parts, representing a twin soul in all following incarnations. The soul enters the bodies of two people; when the first person is born, the whole soul enters into their body, and when the second person is born, a part of the soul transfers from the first person into the body of the second one, thus representing an inseparable connection in life itself. A twin soul has a consciousness of oneness, and strives for coexistence and oneness in the physical life as well.


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