For Lovers of Meditation

Sentiment for the Soul

by Kylie Riordan
(Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia)

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.”


Spiritual growth is the one thing that has remained constant my whole life. It is the fire that drives me. Just knowing that our soul chooses to be human for a reason, to experience life for what it is and what it comes with, both good and bad, helps to remove any fear-based energies attaching me to drama. Knowing that I chose this life is the reassurance for me that it is all right to be happy when I overcome the ‘bad’ stuff because it means that my soul is evolving and I am one step closer to learning a life lesson, kudos. I heart that tomorrow is a brand new day!

Remembering to slow down and embrace every single moment is a much overlooked importance. In moments where there is stillness, where you are living in the moment pay attention to your breath, the space between the breath is where you will feel the pure love that radiates in us all. Love simply put is the key to happiness.

This moment, right now, will be the last moment that you will experience this life under these circumstances with the wonderful people who you love. Yesterday is the past and the future can change in a blink of an eye. Remember that you will make tons of mistakes and you will hurt people but at the end of the day you are human.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes, forgive everyone that has ever hurt you, resentment and guilt will cause more harm to you and will manifest as negative emotions like anger and worry, for you, not them. These emotions will manifest in your energy body first then progress to manifest as physical and psychological disease. Choose to give no more energy to negative emotions. Forgiveness doesn’t make what they did okay, it makes you ok.

Over the years I have learned to hold deep gratitude for the mistakes that I have made in my life (weirdo, I know). The mistakes I have made have led to plenty of opportunities for my soul to learn and grow. There is no room for guilt.

We are conditioned to believe that when we make mistakes we will be judged by God, however when this life is over there is no day of judgement. God IS love and he loves us unconditionally requiring nothing from us, he doesn’t have an ego. The one thing that is expected is that we do our best. That is all. Next time around you will have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. But wait one minute… the biggie is that you don’t have to wait until the next time around… Now is a perfect time to start! Learn from your mistakes but never regret them and the most important forgive yourself, be kind to yourself, let go of things gracefully.

Today can be the day you go and have that glass of wine that you want even though you know it is not good for you and it may give you a headache, but Jeez you know it will make you feel good and maybe, just maybe be a bit lenient on yourself for the horrible thing you said to your other half. Use this moment to stop thinking about what disease you have manifested in you body and how you could have prevented them. Stop judging and being so hard on yourself, love yourself unconditionally.

Right now you are a human being trying to develop spiritually, trying to make the most out of this life and all of its sublime beauty, you are also in the beginning stages of trying to master the skill of hurdling by learning to jump over some bad shit along the way. Rest easy knowing that you know your soul is evolving in the process.

Finally I leave you with this, tomorrow is a glorious new day… a chance at a clean slate! I know it’s not really that profound, but it makes me happy.

Wishing you a day filled with love, happiness and insight.

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