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Relax and Raise your Vibration Meditation MP3

by Megan Donald
(Sydney, Australia)

Pittwater Therapies are very excited to announce we have a brand new vibration raising, thought changing meditation MP3.

Set to beautiful restful background music, you can lie down, relax and soak up something positive that will be life enhancing for you. This 25 minute meditation includes a short relaxation followed by the vibration raising affirmations.

These aren’t just any affirmations. These have been carefully created by us, referring to the Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins.

David Hawkins did extensive research on the vibration levels of human thoughts and emotions. His Map of Human Consciousness documents these levels of vibration. He recognised that when you can positively change your level of emotion and vibration, then you can move upwards on the Map of Consciousness. Why would you want to do this?

The further up the scale you move, the more positive your life experience becomes.

The higher your energy vibration, or emotions, the happier and more positive you will feel. The more positive and the happier you feel, the more easily your life will flow.

The affirmations within this meditation are like new mental signposts, new positive alternative thoughts for you to listen to. You can focus on the affirmations, repeating them as you listen. Or you can tune out and just enjoy having some positive down time for yourself, letting your subconscious mind do all the listening. Either way, these affirmations will gently take you up through the levels of consciousness to raise your vibration.

The Map of Consciousness describes the levels of vibration from the lowest level of Shame through to the highest level of Enlightenment. The affirmations within this meditation, begin at a positive and strengthening level and then gently raise your vibration higher and higher from this point.

The result? This is a gentle, easy and beautiful meditation to lift your thoughts, emotions and vibration from where you are right now. Suitable for beginners to experienced meditators.

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