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Radiant Being

by Roosmaryn
(Benoni Gauteng, South Africa)

As you settle down, find the most comfortable position.
Take a deep, relaxing breath in....gently, and slowly exhale.
Another deep breath in, hold it for four counts, and then release it softly in a sigh.
Your body is at ease...soft and pliable.
You are safe and you feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper with each slow breath.

Bring your awareness to your heart.
Breath in pure crystal white light into your heart centre.
Feel your heart expanding with this high vibrational light...expanding outwards into infinity.
Bask in this pure essence, absorb it's colour, it's texture, it's sound.
Feel the effect this light has upon your yourself up even more, enabling your body to absorb even more of this pure, radiant blissful energy.
You are permeated throughout, and you become a radiant being of light.
You move and dance and sing gently and flowingly, in harmony with all of life.
In awe you stand and observe that you are life itself.
You are pure love...there is an eternal connection wherein you are all that is.
Feel the joy that bubbles up and cascades over your entire being...bringing you into a state of bliss...eternal, true, and pure...

Bring yourself back very gently...breath a deep breath in and sigh it out softly.
Become aware of your body, and your surroundings.
When you are ready, tenderly open your eyes

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Radient Being
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful meditation, full of deep spiritual meaning and awareness.

Thank You

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