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Question Mark

by Mark
(Columbus, Ohio)

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for sharing part of your story and your gifts online. I want you to know that I direct many of my clients to your web site, especially for the PMR download. I hope you are beginning to see interest from Columbus, Ohio.

Your meditation quest intrigues me as a mental health counselor and ordained pastor. I have practiced prayer for many years in my journey. I know how to pray. I continue to learn how to listen. My path crossed your website last year while seeking a useful PMR source. I became interested in your other resources.

My meditation journey is a work in progress. I have had moments, and I stress moments, when something inside seems to simplify towards something much greater than myself. I struggle with which path in meditation because my being seems to get in the way of my spirit. Focus seems challenging and difficult. Maybe at times I am trying too hard to achieve something complex or deep. It seems that breathing, relaxation and empty state of mind is the direction, but I get distracted or stuck.

So my journey continues. I sense it was no accident that I stumbled onto your resource. I am open to direction and possibilities. I sense there is more within me that will unfold more possible potential in my own personal journey.

Thank you for the reflective question. Keep breathing and believing. We are all in this together!


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Reply to Mark Columba Ohio
by: Anonymous

Dear Mark,
I have been meditating for 10 years and would like to suggest that you try a meditation teacher for a while. I learned to meditate with Sahaja Yoga. There are free meetings and lessons and group meditations in almost every country in the world. The words Sahaja Yoga mean "effortless union". It is easy and simple and even if you only meditate twice daily for 5 or 10 minutes you will progress steadily. After three months learning I began to have feelings of bliss and joy every time I meditated. Problems no longer least I did not think about them, I stopped drinking alcohol with no effort, Learning Sahaja meditation is effortless, very gentle, cleansing relaxing and energising. Whatever path you choose I send you love and peace. Rhona

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