For Lovers of Meditation


by Sandi Dolinar

Do we create thoughts or do thoughts create us? How do thoughts work?

All the people create collective consciousness – that is whole humanity’s energy combined, connected on infinite different levels and vibrations. Each one of us has many different ties with family, friends, coworkers… Our thoughts travel along this ties and thus create even stronger connections with some people. A thought is energy that’s creative because every thought causes a particular reaction. It’s like throwing a fishing rod and drawing what we have caught to ourselves. In this way thoughts attract particular situations, people, etc., in our lives. It’s important to have positive thoughts because that way we’ll attract positive people, events…

Let’s look at some practical example. A guy likes some girl, so he decides that they’ll become a couple. She might not even know him, but he’s already creating a film about their life together in his mind… As he has already relived this in his mind many times, he’s sure that his wish will come true. His intensive thoughts reached this girl, so small energy ties have been created between them and they’ll probably meet soon. When they meet, the guy is very confident when approaching her because he’s sure he’ll succeed. Thus, there’s a bigger chance that some kind of relationship will start to develop. Of course, the decision is in the girl’s hands, but the probability of guy’s success is higher due to his confident approach and energy ties that have created common energy on some micro level.

Creative power of our thoughts draws people and situations in our lives that are realistic and have some realistic grounding. If an unemployed person daydreams about a new car on his couch all day long that situation won’t likely be drawn into his life because it isn’t realistic. Even if he directs his thoughts very intensively, these thoughts can’t be related to the existing position.

There was a young man in a village who became an excellent football player. He soon became the best player in town and he worked his way up quickly. When he was already dreaming about million worth contracts and full stadiums, etc., he broke his leg and end up being a postman. Of course, it’s nothing wrong with being a postman, but this wasn’t what he had wished for. And so we came to an important issue. This is a plan of our soul, our mission in certain life. We’ve earned some things by now, and some we haven’t. Thus, even if we think about some things we want very intensively, some of them simply won’t come true, because some things are meant for us and others aren’t.

Energy that each of us emits are ties with everyone we’re connected with. Energetically speaking, we are in a flow of some kind of energy that identifies us. Consequently, our energy affects our thoughts also. When we have high and pure energy, we feel well, we’re content, etc., and thus we create positive thoughts. When our energy lowers, we feel much worse and we start to create thoughts that attract bad things in our lives. This means that we have to learn to keep high and pure energy.

Fears are a very illustrative way of showing the power of thoughts. When we don’t want something to happen to us because we’re afraid of it, we create exactly what we don’t want with our thoughts. As we are thinking about the object of our fear, we have sent our thoughts into particular situation, people, etc., and have drawn into our lives the exact thing we don’t want.

However, thoughts not only create our future, but also hold us tied to our past. It’s very burdening to live in the past. In order to be free from our past, it’s necessary to let go and separate ourselves from it mentally, emotionally and energetically. In that case we don’t think about the past anymore and we aren’t burdened by it.


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