For Lovers of Meditation

Open & Expand

by Melissa Field
(California, United States)

Open and expand to the full possibility of your life!

This beautiful meditation was designed to assist you in every area of your life. It can be used alone or to support any other meditation you are doing. It’s very versatile, and can be used for everything from spiritual awakening to encouragement for change. It’ll break through the walls you’ve created due to comfort and fear and help you transition into new ways of thinking.

The meditation is 34 minutes in length. At the end of the guidance the music and soft ocean sounds will continue to play for several minutes. This will help to support you if you are enjoying the time of quiet reflection.

The meditations begins with a process that relaxes your entire body and mind. This relaxation process is designed for two purposes - the first to get you to ease away from your mental chatter, and the second to gently prepare you for the concept of change. You'll do this by weaving a silver cocoon around yourself, and when you emerge from it you will be completely relaxed.

After this you will begin your journey of expansion. Following the guidance, you'll allow your mind to open up bit by bit. You'll go from visualizing the space you're in to the entire Universe. Here you'll rest and have time to reflect.

You will then be gently guided back to yourself, where you'll return with your new and wider perspective. You'll return remembering a bit more the infinite and exquisite nature of not just the Universe, but yourself and your soul.

While you enjoy the guidance background music written by professional composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke plays. The music contains theta brain waves created through binaural tones. These tones will help ensure that you can truly gain the clarity and quiet of mind that you seek.

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