For Lovers of Meditation

Ongoing Journey of Meditation

by Rukie
(United States)

I meditate in order to find peace and to be the best person I can be.

I had gone to a class with someone where they did some meditation. It was really weird to me at first. At that time it was really hard and I did not like it.

When I really wanted to start meditating was when I heard this one podcast about meditation and how it can help connect us with the divine, not just with God but within ourselves. And when he talked about the peace that comes, I knew I wanted that.

When I am really good about meditating, everything just seems to go better. I am more patient, more relaxed, and I feel better about myself.

Without mediation, my life would be more stressful, more frazzled and less meaningful.

I think everyone should meditate. I think everyone can benefit from it no matter what your belief system is.

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