For Lovers of Meditation

New Secrets of Life, part 2

by Sandi Dolinar

On 21/12/2012, one of the most important turning points in history of humanity awaits us. The energy of the New Age is bringing new realizations of the essence of life itself, presenting the path of impersonal transformation of God’s energy into every individual on the basis of God’s principle of reciprocity. When we surrender to God’s power within ourselves, wealth beyond our imagination eludes us until love prevails in our hearts. For years and millenniums we ourselves haven’t found a system based on equality, love, even distribution of goods… This turning point represents the beginning of a new era and presents an opportunity for us to live in peace, love and equality. It is up to us whether we will seize the opportunity. That day marks the beginning of transformation of the energy of God’s consciousness into our own consciousness. Love will settle in our every dimension, and it is all up to us to determine the transformation of our inner consciousness. The New Age energy is bringing peace and calm into our hearts, but we need to look inside ourselves and find within us the strength to make the changes necessary for our evolution to continue. The New Age energy is God’s inauguration of the new era, and it presents joint activity of the strongest spiritual energies in the whole universe. The most powerful spiritual energies have the ability to spread their energy in an infinite number of dimensions, and within every such part is God’s consciousness, enabling an independent activity of each individual part.

On that day there aren’t any special physical changes to be expected; however, the day marks the beginning of an intensive process of personal spiritual transformation. It is possible that the magnitude of the Earth will shift slightly, and so over the next few days there will be a change in the energy, perceived by some people as a higher, peaceful vibration, which will stabilize in a couple of days. The process starting on that day will bring the direct connection with the New Age energy, which will base itself in the consciousness of every individual. That consciousness will be present in all people until Christmas Eve, and following that day, the connection will stay with those who will have transformed their inner consciousness into love and during those three days – from 21/12/2012 to 24/12/2012 – will have transformed all reactions based on lower emotions into love. That means that every event in their everyday lives they would normally have reacted to emotionally with anger, fear, hatred… will make them respond with love. So during those days there is no need to meditate, pray…, but it is necessary to put our lives in order, heal the open wounds… For spiritual steps must always be followed by physical ones and vice versa, because that is the only way we create inner balance between the spiritual and material worlds. Fear, hunger, anger and hatred are the apocalypse of our time and we should eliminate them from our lives starting today.


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