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New Secrets of Life, part 1

by Sandi Dolinar

Is the life we are living in this moment everything that exists or is there something more? What awaits us on 21/12/2012?

The experience of this moment is part of our consciousness which is present only in this dimension we are experiencing right now.
There are countless dimensions, representing the reflection of our energy in a multidimensional space. Time and space are certain segments of our consciousness, which is projected into the energy of our souls and represents the curvature of light falling on our solar system, for it represents intermediate spaces which aren’t filled with the energy of time in the same dimensional space and time.

Dimensions represent the curvature of the electromagnetic field. In different parallel dimensions there are reflections of our souls, representing the multifaceted activity of our souls. In every parallel dimension connected to us is our soul’s consciousness which relives and regulates emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives, pertaining to the past and the present times, and thus influences and co-creates our future. The first nearest dimensions, usually there are four, represent the astral projection of our emotions. The soul thus presents our emotional reactions to events which have already happened. The next parallel dimensions represent mental projections and depict mental reactions to events in our lives. The highest parallel dimensions represent our spiritual lives and spiritual reactions in our lives. These are all projections of all events in our life thus far; our previous lives are recorded in our inner core.
Time represents the curvature of space in a certain segment of our consciousness and inner self-confidence. It also presents the capability of setting up the inner consciousness, because it opens for us the paths important for stable norms of interpersonal relationships which are crystallized in our mirror image. The mirror image is a reflection of our present and depicts the capability of creating multidimensional activity when we act from within ourselves, from our inner consciousness projecting old and new patterns, which are projected onto astral and mental levels. They thus co-create and form our inner view of the essence of life itself, which eludes us if we don’t look inside ourselves and seek inner peace within us and don’t perceive ourselves as God’s beings with a part of the unconscious within us, within the essence of our inner core which connects us with all dimensions of our inner self-confidence into an integral whole, and provides us with the meaning of life in meeting ourselves in our inner perfect form.

To simplify a little, we shall call all dimensions connected with us and representing the level of our consciousness and our current evolution – pictures. Let us imagine that every dimension connected with us is one picture. The number of pictures representing our past is usually the same as the number of pictures representing our future. All pictures are interconnected and together form four parallel dimensions which present the multifacetedness of our existence. In the future pictures our souls try to create such events that will lead us to the path of realization of our mission. Souls monitor all pictures from the past and try to correct our mistakes in the future pictures and create situations which will enable us to correct our past mistakes, which is how we create a balance between our good and bad actions. Prior to our death, that balance will have already been achieved in most cases, because after death souls are sorted into their corresponding places, based on the current state of consciousness of the inner core.

Where the past and the present meet in parallel dimensions, there lies our mirror image, which is the reflection of our consciousness in the spiritual world. Every picture goes on a higher level, in a higher dimension, and if we look at them closely, all pictures together create a form of a spiral similar to a DNA helix, except that they look more like circles linked together and building on each other. The bottom part of the helix is anchored in the inner core of our soul, and the top part of the helix continues into a thin thread and runs over our spiritual home, that is, through our spiritual guidance. Then the thread proceeds from our spiritual guidance directly to God, creating a connection with God, who thus monitors our lives and directs all the necessary spiritual help, which directs us through tests and trials to the path of God’s inauguration. When we create perfectly pure energy in all our pictures, God’s energy flows directly into our inner core and thus connects us with God, who in that way provides us with His support. Until the energy is pure in all dimensions, blockages will obstruct the flow of God’s energy and spiritual help, which will be stopped in the dimension where the blocks are. When the energy is pure throughout and is without blockages, the state of consciousness of all pictures represents our blissfulness. If we look at all our dimensions from afar, they resemble an energy beam, and if we look at them from an even greater distance, they look like a thread.
It happens that in our dreams we relive certain events and in that way clear our subconscious and our burdens; or a part of our consciousness may go into one of the dimensions and relive past events, and that is how we perceive what we need to correct. A part of our consciousness may also go into a dimension of the future, which is the way we sense the necessary future directions. Similar activity happens with astral projections during deep meditation.

Upon the assignment of a soul to a body, God also defines the soul’s plan, which is our mission in this life. The plan of our soul can also be called God’s inauguration of our life. The mission of a soul is to fulfill the assigned task. After the physical death, a soul returns to the spiritual world and occupies the place in exact correspondence with the soul’s current consciousness in its inner core. The Archangel Michael is the one who is in charge of the sorting. Naturally, souls couldn’t be rewarded or punished for all actions in physical bodies if they didn’t have the possibility of influencing our lives. And parallel dimensions are precisely that possibility. What we have done wrong in the past, our souls relive in the past dimensions, and in the dimensions of the future they create events and situations through which we shall correct all old mistakes and thus achieve balance already in our physical bodies. Souls guide us through feelings, and can also guide us through dreams.

In the inner core we perceive all the virtues we desire in our realization, but don’t seem to find the strength to create them. Therefore our astral projections enable us with an insight into ourselves and create all information necessary for our inner peace and for the creation of God’s kingdom within us. The inner core presents records of God’s omnipresence in every living being, as well as records of our inner consciousness and all past lives.

Peace within ourselves represents the meeting with ourselves, with our inner core, which eludes us only when we care about ourselves alone and move away from God’s inauguration of our lives. For life itself directs us onto a path of helping others, and only thus we together create an integral whole, which moves away from arrogance and closer to love in its core when we care for one another on all levels of our existence. Love is the universal connection between all living beings, connecting us into a whole.
Dimensions represent the path inwards, into our inner consciousness, into the awareness of life itself, and give us the strength and hope for a better life already in this dimension, which is the only dimension we perceive as the reality of everyday life. Because our consciousness isn’t multifaceted until we start to work on ourselves, look deep within us and find inside ourselves the path to the inner core itself, which is oneness of existence on all levels and in all areas of life. We should try to find the meaning of life itself within ourselves, in our inner self-confidence, and the consciousness of our existence will open wide all doors to God’s face, mirrored within ourselves in the core of existence itself.


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