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MY BUTTERFLY GARDEN - A Garden of Transformation

by Violet Schonhardt
(Timberlake, NC)

Are you ready to fulfill the longings of your heart? Are you ready to be the best you, you can be? Are you ready to move into higher states of consciousness? If your answer is "YES!!! I AM READY," then now is your time to experience the joys of transformation as you are gently led through a set of three special 30 minute Butterfly Garden experiences, each focusing on the fulfilment of transformation.

Rev.Vi shares her rich life experiences as a part of each of these transforming meditations as you are guided into the healing colors of love, "The Joy of Forvigiveness", "The Face of Time", and "Beyond the Horizon". Each meditation is designed to lead you to a sacred, holy place within the center of self, as the soft gentle background music of Christopher Lloyd Clarke blends with the comforting voice of Rev.Vi, inviting you to open your heart to your own special Butterfly Garden of Transformation.

The first meditation, "The Joy of Forgiveness", leads you through a process of forgiving yourself and others in a way that leads to greater insight and understanding into life giving energies. You are drawn into the quietness, where you are ready to experience love of self which is part of your perfection. The light enfolds you, making you ready for the healing of your heart. As you forgive yourself and others, the old sufferig passes away opening the way for new beginnings. As you are ready, you begin to express the fullness of spirit. Hearts touching everywhere creates the expression of unconditional love. Gratitude fills your heart with the fullness of expression as you have opened the door to becoming a Master of Love.

The second meditation, "The Face of Time", brings new meaning to your journey through the physical World. Integration of the physical and spiritual come together in this poignant guided meditation as you are led to a place where the "River of Illumination" and the "River of Life" merge in a pattern of wholeness. It is a place where you begin to realize that you are truly a Spiritual Being with physical attributes. It is a place where you recognizes the Spirit of life no matter what outside conditions appear to be. It is the pathway to fulfilment of heart's desires. As you move forward, you are provided the opportunity to become a melody of movement, which is the Universal flow of life.

The third meditation, "Beyond the Horizon", takes you on an amazing journey to that place of perfection, the truth of your being; that special place in the flow of the Universe where you are free to experience the strength of your oneness. Through this prayerful meditation you are gently guided into the quiet, holy place, within center of self where connection is made with your inner knowing. You recognize that now is the time for you to bring greater and greater balance into your life. Transformation is written in your heart. It is time for peace and gratitude for all that you have been and all that you are becoming. You have come to the place where you can say, "I am comfortable with myself. I am satisfied. I know that love heals. Love has brought me to this place where I am right now and I am grateful. I am ready to express the fullness of life, as is right for me, as I turn to that anchor within myself and know that I am Light. I am Love. I am fulfilling my potential as I express my oneness with the whole of life."

My Butterfly Garden Guided Meditations

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