For Lovers of Meditation


by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

People on the whole just do not realize the incredible power of the mind, a power which can lift one to heights of radiant grandeur, or drop one to the most abysmal, soul-destroying depths. The power of the mind is linked to the will of the spirit. Through the ages of mans evolution there have always been those few individuals who have known this and lived accordingly and were looked upon generally by the people of their times as superhuman, almost as Gods, and of course through their ignorance they also feared these radiant souls not realizing that they held the spark of that same greatness within themselves despite the fact that these great ones sought in their own sublime ways to disseminate the truth to reach the few who were ready. Isn't it true how prone we are to put ourselves down or get ourselves into a flat spin when faced with some adversity or seemingly insurmountable problem. We get caught up in that ancient trap of the lower finite self which seductively whispers of our weakness of spirit and our inability to overcome without external help.

Of course this seduction has been inbred into mans psyche for ages. One of the greatest souls who ever took human form said: "Know ye not that ye are Gods in the making". The various orthodox faiths however, disregard this great truth as being the mouthings of the 'evil' one, for how blasphemous to consider oneself as aspiring to become a God. And yet, to utilize this inner power, to regard its call above that of the lower self, one has to be mentally and spiritually strong.

Lets face it, to live in this frenetic world one has to be tough, tough-minded, otherwise one will be crushed. Norman Vincent Peale said: "One thing every person should learn is how to have what it takes to take it". Rely on your inner Godly power, look constantly to the sun of your spirit-self.

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