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Meditation helped me forgive myself.

by Brooke
(Pottsville NSW)

I haven't been meditating very long and I don't do it everyday yet but I'm working on it. I started a few months ago when I first went to a sacred womens circle. Every week we'd open the circle and do a meditation. This has been fantastic, its helped me be more in touch with myself, relaxed me and helped me feel more able to cope with everyday stuff.

One week we were talking about compassion and what it means to us. We were doing a guided meditation on invoking compassion & we had to think of a person to show compassion toward. The person who popped into my head was an old friend who I'd had a falling out with & hadn't spoken to for over 6 years. She had contacted me recently via e-mail & I was very unwilling to let her back into my life because I thought I needed to forgive her for treating me so badly & wasn't ready to dao that.

During the meditation, we had to look at this person & see that were just like us, had feelings like us, went through bad times etc.

I had a moment of complete clarity about this situation,I realised that the person who needed forgiving was me, for my part in the situation that caused the falling out. I felt lighter and relieved and felt an urgent need to contact her. Which I did as soon as I got home and we have been in regular contact since.

Whatever guilt & grief I was holding onto I let go during that meditation session and it felt wonderful to be free of those emotions.

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