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Meditation Gave Me Strength and Patience

by Rachana

I do meditate....actually since my childhood, though I can't recall exactly how I started. Honestly at that time I didn't know what I was doing was called meditation. I used to sit quietly and often spoke to myself, probably because I had nothing else to do!

I used consider and reconsider my actions. It began as an imagination as if talking to an elder brother who existed only in the realms of my mind. I was (and am)very emotionally sensitive, but often couldn't express it.

What began as childs play became my sole guide and support in the times of turbulence as I grew up. It was at my most difficult time that I realised the importance of meditation. During my college days I often resorted to meditation for seeking my answers. It was and is a wonderful feeling when you get the answers you seek in the most unusual of ways, e.g at times through books, through quotes, through children or even strangers telling you exactly the answer to your question without even being asked. Only your heart instantly recognises the answer.

Even the physical changes are fantastic! Initially it used to be as if gravity or some force is pulling you backwards not letting you concentrate. Once that phase was overcome it was wonderful to feel the subtle movements of chakras at different places of my body. They sort of revolve at their own pace.

Since childhood I wanted to be a healer (actually even before I could completely grasp its whole meaning) and I chose to be a doctor.

But I still am in search of means to heal people. My knowledge is incomplete and I know I have to go a long way. Meditation above all gave me strength and patience when I needed it. I had found peace for some time, but I think peace does not always remain with you. All your life you have to take various kinds of spiritual journeys to attain an everlasting peace of mind. I know I have to go a long way......

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by: Samuels

I love meditation and yoga very much. Before a few years I had diabetes and then I started doing yoga and meditation. This has helped me a lot to get rid of diabetes. Thank you for sharing this post that shows the importance of yoga.

by: Anonymous

hi, have you heard about pranic healing? google it, may be it will be interesting for you...

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