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Meditation for me is to look upon myself

by Sunil Raj Dhakal

Hi every one,

I am Sunil Dhakal. I am doing my Masters Degree from a reputed college in Nepal. The first time that I came to know about meditation was when I was doing my Intermediate in Science. Those days were the 'golden days.' In those days I used to take 'marijuana' from morning to evening and used to think about how this world was created and why were we in this earth and so on...there were many questions and no answers that could fulfill my quest. I was what I was, I was enjoying my life to the fullest but sometimes used to go to the blues of the same question.

Slowly I started focusing on the ways to find the answer to those questions. And yes, the answer came from meditation. I started trying various meditations personally visiting various meditative places and interacting with various people of the field. I also used to browse the internet to find out the answer and just recently, I found the way to get the answer of all those question. Yes, I went to a course of 10 days of 'Bipasyana Meditation' and guess what I am happy with what I've done.

Now I find the peace budding up in myself and I meditate at least 2 hours a day. The benefit that I've got from meditation is that I am less aggressive than before and I've quit smoking and all other stuffs and my food habits too have changed.

Meditation, I feel is a journey within, which, just goes on and on and there might not be the end point to where you can reach....I mean the journey goes to the eternity. One should at least try meditating. Though there might be some bad effects of meditation if it is not carried out properly, so for the beginners, I would recommend that they should at least once be in a place where they teach the real meditation.

Good luck to everyone who are interested in meditation, I've found my peace now and wish that all the readers would too find it.

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