For Lovers of Meditation

Meditation daily is a must

by ajay
(bangalore, K, India)

i am not a regular meditator but i want to be, as i am growing in age and responsibilities i am getting strong need of it..

i may start my day without meditation but the after returning home when i look back for the day and i say would have been better..
i clearly see how my day goes with or without meditation.
without meditation:
i get thretened for good openions
i get offensive
i get confused
i get insecure
i dont listen them i just act i am listenning
with meditation:
i am confident
i am balanced
i am helpful
i am loving
i listen and care

my win for now is above observations about my life with/without meditation, and it did not come reading after some text i experienced now i know i will be fool if i start my day without meditation..
god bless all of them who not started yet, god is blessing them who already started..


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