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Meditation Cushions

Good quality meditation cushions make meditation so much more comfortable and they help to support your spine while you are sitting in an upright position. Meditation cushions are known as "zafu" cushions and "zabuton" cushions.

Zafu Cushions

When you sit on a zafu cushion, your body is raised off the floor. This makes it easier to sit with your legs crossed without slumping forward. Rather than sitting right in the middle of your zafu, I recommend that you scoot forward a little toward the front edge of your zafu, as this will help to tilt your pelvis slightly, resulting in an even more comfortable position.

Zafu Cushions

Zafu cushions are usually round or crescent shaped. Round zafu’s are probably the most popular, but crescent zafus like the one shown above, are preferred by some people as the shape of the cushion gives them a little more support beneath their thighs. 

Zabuton Cushions

A Zabuton is a simple flat pillow that rests beneath your zabu and provides a comfortable surface for you to rest your feet or knees on.

Zabuton Comfort Cushions

Zabuton Zafu Meditation Combo

When used in combination, zafu and zabuton cushions provide a total comfort solution that allows you to sit straight, and also gives your knees and fit a soft surface to rest on.

The best zafu cushions are densely packed with buckwheat. This ensures that they have a good weight, so they won’t squish down to much or topple over, and it also ensures that the cushion will mould to your sitting bones.

With a meditation cushion combination like this, you can sit comfortably in either a cross legged or kneeling position.

A Zafu - Zabuton combination

Be Comfy!

You owe it to yourself to be comfortable when you meditate. The last thing you want is to be distracted by soreness or cramps, so if you prefer to sit on the floor when you meditate, then I highly recommend using a zabuton and zafu combination.

These types of cushions are designed for one thing and one thing improve your meditation by making you comfortable and supporting correct posture. I recommend them to everyone who wishes to experience maximum comfort while practicing meditation. 

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