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Meditation - Bringing Me Back Home to MYSELF

(Mumbai, India)

Hi I am Sarikah Rai, a freelance Dj from Mumbai, India. I was looking for a quick anytime way to destress and be in a peaceful silent place where ever I was!...I discovered meditation 11 years back through a self awareness workshop and continue to meditate even today.

WHY? Simply because it's the most simple, universal and eternal tool to find peace within.

The mind quietens down and all you can hear is your own breathing. Soft and deep, distancing you from the noise outside, taking you deeper and deeper into your own silence within. That's when I realised that my peace was within me all I had to do was quieten my mind and go inside. I would get out feeling calm and refreshed and completely reconnected to my inner self.Foccused and ready to get back into the world with a smile on my face!

I would highly recommend any kind of meditation to help living a peaceful, stress free and focussed life. It is truly a precious and blessed gift that we can gift ourselves or someone else!

Love and peace.

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by: Dipalle

I have seen you radiate with that inner glow my friend. You have written this so beautifully and simply. Really its inspiring. I have added one more feather to my meditation practice. That of Chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo.
Bless you

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