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How to Meditate Lying Down

Three essential tips for how to meditate lying down.

Most meditation teachers will tell you that if you want to get the most out of meditation, then it is preferable that you meditate while sitting up straight. You don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor. Just sitting comfortably in your favourite chair is a perfectly good way to meditate, so long as you do not slouch down.

In most cases, this is good advice and it helps to prevent one of the most common problems with meditation....most people tend to fall asleep when they meditate lying down!

However there are certain times when meditating lying down is a necessity, not a luxury. 

If you have a back problem, or pain in your hips, knees or feet, it might be too uncomfortable for you to meditate in a seated position. Also, if you are bed-ridden for any reason whatsoever then it is very helpful to know how to meditate lying down.

One other reason why you might want to try meditating lying down is if you suffer from insomnia. If it is your goal to fall asleep, then meditating lying down might be just the solution you are after!

If you don't already know how to meditate, then you should probably take a look at these meditation instructions before you go any further. In these meditation instructions I describe all the steps you need to take to meditate effectively.

Now in this particular article, we will change just one thing about those instructions. We'll change the position of your body. All the other steps you take to meditate remain the same.

However, there are three essential techniques that I’d like you to try if you intend to meditate lying down. These techniques are fantastic for helping to keep your concentration on your meditation technique, and to stop you from simply falling asleep. You only need to use one of these techniques, but you can try them in combination if you wish. 

Tip 1 - Use a Mudra

First of all, try using a “mudra”. A mudra is a symbolic gesture that you create with your hands. The hand position shown in this image is a common example of a mudra. Just let your arms rest by your sides, and touch your finger to your thumb with both hands.

The reason that I recommend using a mudra is because it helps to engage your body in the meditation process. You will feel it if your hand position starts to slacken, and this will prompt you to bring your attention back to your meditation. It’s a very easy technique to use, and it requires a very small amount of effort, but not enough to cause any physical discomfort whatsoever.

Tip 2 - Raise Your Knees

The second technique you can try is to remain lying down, and to raise up your knees and plant your feet firmly on your bed or the floor. Most people with back and/or knee problems can still manage this comfortably. Again, this position helps to keep you a little more engaged in your meditation. It’s a little less like lying down, but it is still very comfortable, and if you start to drift off to sleep, then you’ll find your knees drifting apart. This causes a physical sensation that will bring your attention back to the task at hand...meditation.

Tip 3 - Listen to Meditation Music

Meditation music downloads

Listening to music that has been composed specifically for the purpose of meditation is one of the most effective ways to improve meditation while lying down. Meditation music will give your mind just enough stimulation to help keep you focussed, but not so much stimulation that it becomes a distraction or an annoyance. In this way, meditation music helps you to get into "the zone" so that you can achieve a state of blissful meditative clarity without falling asleep straight away!

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