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Life Review - Reincarnation

by Brad Austen

When we reach the end of our life it is said that we get to review our life. For me this rings true. Our spirit guides are there with us and we review our life, from start to finish, kind of like on a big cinema screen. We see and feel how we have influenced others in positive and negative ways throughout our lives and we see the lessons we learnt or didn’t learn. We see things from a higher perspective, how spirit views things.

In most cases we will have made some good achievements, but also had some shortcomings, that we can continue on in another incarnation. For me there is no doubt in my mind that our soul reincarnates. I have abilities and skills I have not learnt in this life, which are attributes of being an “old soul”.

There are many old souls on the planet at the moment, because we are in special times of accelerated spiritual growth. This is also called ascension. We all have different beliefs on reincarnation and life after death. We all have the free choice to believe what we want to believe.

For those that think we only have one life, there are positives and negatives of that belief. A person may think, “Hey I only live once, let’s make the most of it”. That is a great attitude to have, but taken to the extreme can also lead to regrets. What if you make some choices in life you weren’t happy with, and as an old man or woman you think your life has been a waste?

My view is that whatever we don’t achieve in this life, we can take with us into a different life. Also for some people that believe in reincarnation it can be a cop out and lead to spiritual stagnation. “Oh well, I have eternality, what’s the rush of taking action today”. Despite appearances, we are not all on this planet for the same reason. We all have unique life plans and “missions” that we wish to fulfill that we planned before birth.

Not all of us are meant to be here for the long hall to a ripe old age. Sometimes a short lifespan can teach the mother or father a lesson that the departing baby or child agreed upon. That life is precious, and to make the most of each day, because none of us know how long we are going to be here. When we look at things from a higher perspective, the pain and loss can be eased.

Spirit works in mysterious ways, it is true. It is often our “humanness’ that has trouble understanding the workings of spirit. The good news is that you don’t have to wait to the end of your life to review your life. You can do what I call a “mini review”, every six months to a year. You simply go into a little meditation or reflective state. You view the past few years from a higher perspective, not judging anything that happened, simply observing it.

You can ask yourself some questions in your mind, “Am I happy with the direction my life is heading”? “Are there any changes or action I need to take to get where I want to go?” Focus on the goal or ultimate place you would like to be in a year, and then five years time.

Congratulate yourself on the progress you have made so far in your life journey, this is really important. Remember that life isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey. So relax a little and stop to smell the roses every once and a while.

Brad Austen is an insightful and creative meditation teacher and a valued member of The Guided Meditation Site. Please follow this link to explore Brad Austen's guided meditations.

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