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Life force meditation - Deep, Deep relaxation

by Richard Bennett
(Melbourne, Australia)

I begin this meditation by sitting on a foot stool as to lift off floor. I light candle and place facing North, North east. I begin by deap rappid breathing and slow to 7 seconds deep breath intake, no hold with an 11 second exhale. This cleansers me and helps to put me in a slight transient state.
Slowly I allow all sound to soften while telling myself that my body is relaxing with every breath I take. Starting at my toes I work my way up my body, acknowledging every part. Toes, ankles, heal, skin, calves and so on, include your skin last. 'My skin is also completely relaxed' This takes a while.
In this relaxed state I clear all air from around me by acknowledging the white light that surrounds me.
Then I refocus all my energy to a white light that is directly in front of me. I continue with this until all I see is white light. I am in a complete state of stillness.
Going deeper. Concentrate on the white light and bring it closer to you. See it as a universal light form that links you from the universe to the other side of the earth. Slowly draw this powerful, cleansing, healing white light towards you, this may take time as it tends to move very slowly.
As the light moves closer it may turn into a long light beam. This is normal. Allow the beam of light to enter you, it will touch your nose first as this part extrudes from your face. Allow the light to slowly mover through your face and head. It should stop when in the middle of your body, aligning it with the universe.
Ask the universal light to shine through you, visualise it entering every cell in your body, mind your breathing. This will probably be very faint by this time and your heart rate should have slowed dramatically, you may be very shallow breathing in this transient state.
Take note of your stillness, breathing, the lightness of your body, the feeling of Energy flowing through you. You can remain in this state for dome time, explore your body from this new perspective.

To go even deeper, start counting down from ten to one. At one remind yourself you are now in a state of deep relaxation. Be mindful of your breathing. In thus state you may meditate for as long as you wish as it is a magical light feeling. Takes about six/eight weeks of practice twice a day 15 min. Half hour. Work up naturally from here. It's an amazing state of transient existence which can selerate mind, body and spirit when practiced over a period of time. Keep in mind in this state you may be completely unaware of your immediate surroundings. Ensure you are in a safe place. Be careful to have little to no interruptions, animal free zone.
To come out you have to slowly reverse your meditation.
First counting upwards 1 to 10 gets u back fast
Slowly take deeper more natural breaths, you may not want to at first as you will still be in deep relaxed state. Start to hear your surrounds and if you can start to open your eyes very slowly. All this should take 5/20 minutes to glide back to earth. You can do it in rapid motion in case of an emergency wake up.
Slow version is best.

6 months minimal to begin out of body Experiences using my much further advanced techniques. Mind blowing stuff.

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