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its god, healing power, supernatural Phenomenon


i was completely depressed 4 yrs back when my business completely went into debts and i was staying away from family, with the baggage of my dreams in my head and i didn't know where i was heading in my life. i was never a relegios person but during those difficult times i sat in one corner of my room and closed my eyes and just laid back. i think this was the start of my meditation, i started coming across books and other materials upon meditations.

i personally feel meditation is the act of allowing that cosmic power, god, super power or anything that you wanna call to get accumalated into you as a potential to do right things and act rationally and morally. i think meditation is just opening the tap of power into our lives.

if you try and understand all are problems and distresses are due to lack of positive energy. so by doing meditation you just open your mind and soul to that great energy and create your lives the way you want. if you observe in every relegion people pray, its just that they have different ways to do. i would says meditation is just a universal way of praying not pertaning to any relegion specifically. and i think in the coming years its going to revolutionize the whole ideology of relegion.. i would say we dont need a relegion if we act morally and ethically and be happy . and meditation is exactly what helps you to do in any given circumstances.

currently i am doing a job from last 3 yrs. i love what i am doing and i am very good at it. i have an awesome group of friends and i have been to best places with them. i am very happy and contended. i have hardly fallen ill in last 3 years and i live my life to the fullest. i am 29 yrs old still single

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