For Lovers of Meditation

It's a Love Which You Can Feel Inside For All

by Rakesh
(Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India)

When I was 21yrs old I experienced it. I did meditation regularly for a month which helped me to feel love for all.

My way of thinking has changed from that. I see everyone with love. When I see a beautiful girl I admire, the the wrong thoughts related to sex vanished from my mind. Because of that there was no fear in talking with any girl or anybody else even to the persons with elder age, because my heart become full of love.

Anyone from that time on could see the change in my eyes and could see the difference and started asking me "what is the reason behind that?" A different glow was there on my face. I saw light within me, I saw myself different from this body I saw my body seated at place and meditating. I was able to see the contact between that body and the supreme power, which I can feel inside me.

I was so calm in peace that I cannot express it in words here, so please surely do meditation and feel it yourself in your life. Daily it will change your life - there is nothing more important than YOU in your life .

Happy Meditation, bye.

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