For Lovers of Meditation


by Sandi Dolinar

When we take a look inside ourselves, look at our inner self-image, we see a mirror of our past experiences and realizations. Realization frees us from all of our old beliefs and helps us experience better future.

When we open inside ourselves, into our inner being, our outside appearance doesn’t matter that much to us anymore and things about ourselves don’t bother us as much as before. For example, if we weren’t satisfied with our appearance before, we now realize that appearance is only a shell, however it’s our inside that makes us precious. Let’s take a look inside ourselves, see our inner beauty and find there everything we’ve been looking for outside but haven’t found. Our awareness helps us find highest discoveries inside us, our inner strength and ability to change for the better in all fields where we want to change. When we close ourselves up and run away from problems, we are moving away from our essence. For helping those in need gives us a great inner strength and goodness. We shouldn’t force others to accept our help, because in that case they won’t appreciate us enough. We should try to be good when everybody leaves us and believe in our self-realization found in quietness and peace.

When we gaze into ourselves, into our inner being, we’re getting close to the moment of our truth that has been haunting us for a long time, but we’ve suppressed it inside and haven’t let it out. Accepting ourselves is very difficult, yet it removes our arrogance and haughtiness that are present when we’re not accepting ourselves. Our inner image helps us create and fulfill all our hopes and expectations for when we look inside and find inner strength, things happen smoothly. This is because we’ve attracted attention into our world that opens all the doors that have been closed until now due to our self-consciousness. When we decide to fulfill all of our wishes our inner strength, which is a part of our confidence, will enable us to meet people who will help us gain new realizations about ourselves and inner balance. When we don’t accept our inner self-image and when we don’t recognize it as our essence and core, we don’t like our outer image either.

Let’s feel comfortable in our body, which is the only one we have. We should also try to enable our bodies to function optimally. Our inner strength makes us realize how to optimally act in every situation. Our bodies let us know in million ways what burdens them, but we don’t listen to these messages as long as we don’t turn inside. Our thoughts and fears burden our bodies also, in case they don’t come from our heart, from the essence of our core. Our core changes every day if we’re not on the right path, on the path of inner strength and self-realization of our core, our essence, which is a purpose we live for, and if we’re not open to the inner beauty of life. Life itself puts us on the path of changing and opens new doors, as long as we’re not hindering our progress by conservative way of accepting ourselves as a separate part of the whole. The essence lies in cooperation and not in manipulations and inner restlessness.

Let’s change our inner image that enriches us on the way inside and gives us strength to resist everyday temptations that test our confidence. Let’s open to love that’s rooted inside us and let’s not suffocate it, rather accept it as a good thing that removes old rubbish inside ourselves that has covered our core. Our core is an essence of life that opens our inner potentials given from God, which help us accept ourselves. Everybody opens their own doors of inner courage and inner strength, which free us from everything we don’t want to be.

To be or not to be what we truly are isn’t only a philosophical question, but it represents love for ourselves that helps us become what we are and decide that we don’t want to go back. For old things draw us on the old path, but inner love helps us find things we want inside our hearts. This is a way of inner sense and inner courage that enriches us every day. Don’t look back. In the past there are experiences we have already accepted. Open to new experiences and tests that will enrich our inner peace and free us from past. Past can only live in our memory when that’s necessary so we don’t repeat our mistakes, which put us back on the old path or old way of living that we’ve outgrown already with our new inner self-image.


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