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Human Destiny & Your Life Path
Q & A with Brad Austen

by Brad Austen

An interview about Human Destiny - Questions by Kristina Gailiute and Answered by Brad Austen

*What guides our destiny?’ is so important nowadays?

It is our soul that ultimately guides our destiny, but also our ego personality and free-will choices plays a part in our life. For many of us our soul is only a faint whisper unless we learn to quiet our minds and go within. One way of doing this is through meditation.

We also have a team of spirit guides that guide us on our journey in life. We have free will, which is a gift, but there are universal laws such as cause and effect that allow us to experience the results from our choices and actions. We can then reflect on the choices we have made. If we aren’t happy with the outcome we can strive to make wiser choices in the future.

*Was this important in ancient worlds/cultures? Is it known if more cultures believed in fate or more of them believed in God?

Throughout human history many cultures have believed in a God or a higher power. This is why many religions and spiritual paths have formed over the centuries. As a collective we have felt separate from God or source and have searched for God outside of ourselves. The truth is that we all have an aspect of God/spirit within. By going within that inner voice becomes strengthened and can have a greater impact in our life. Spiritual awakening is usually a gradual process that happens over many years, however sometimes if you have an accident or an out of body experience the awakening can be quickened.

*What actually controls/influences our lives?

This is quite a complex question as there are many factors that influence our lives. On a soul level we choose everything, what we perceive as good and bad experiences for our spiritual growth. On a human level we may not be aware of this and may feel a victim of circumstance. The other factor is our free will; we may or may not make the highest choices in our life and often have to experience the consequences. This is after all how we learn.
Before we are born we plan our lives, what we wish to experience for our growth and what circumstances we wish to have to support our learning. On a soul level, we choose our parents and siblings to learn certain lessons to support our soul growth.

*How do these factors (mentioned in previous question) influence our lives? Maybe there are some examples?

For example in one life you may choose to be born into a poor family. This life has the opportunity to teach you about poverty where you may strive to learn about inner resourcefulness and the desire to excel to provide enough for you and your family. In another life having learnt those spiritual qualities you may wish to have an easier lifetime by being born into a wealthy family, where everything is provided for you to excel at life to the best of your ability. Both lifetimes provide a contrast and opportunities for you to grow and evolve as a soul.

*Can people ‘move mountains’ (not literally of course) without help of God or other ethereal being/beings or cosmic energy?

We all have the power to create positive change in our lives. The universe responds to us via our thoughts, words and actions. We all have intuition, but it is always our choice whether we listen to it or not. By nurturing that connection, our intuition can become stronger as we connect with our spirit and higher self. One way of doing this is via meditation; meditation raises our vibration and allows us to connect to receive guidance on a regular basis.

*Why do bad or good things happen to people? What are the causes/reasons?

On a higher level, there isn’t good or bad, just experience and lessons. It is natural to question God or your faith when going through a bad time; it is completely human to do so. However if you can look at the situation from a higher perspective you will gain clarity and understanding about the situation. It is about shifting your reality from a victim mentality to an empowered mentality. Bad things sometimes happen to good people, but we always have a choice how we respond to it. There are many factors in our lives that aren’t in our control, at the end of the day; we can only really control our thoughts, words and actions. We can however influence others positively or negatively.

*Do you believe in Karma and how does it work?

I do believe in karma, which is cause and effect thus whatever we put out we get back. If we put out a lot of negative energy it eventually comes back to us. If we put out a lot of positive energy that also comes back to us in different forms. We are powerful beings, so it is wise to focus on the positive things in our lives, rather than what is wrong or lacking in our lives.

*Do you believe in success/luck? What is the role of it in our lives?

I believe we create our own success and luck in life. Success can be looked at from many perspectives, from a purely financial perspective, from having loving family and friends, to loving what you do and having freedom in your life. You can be successful at quitting smoking or quitting drinking or some detrimental habit. What we perceive as luck is usually a result of some good energy you put out that has come back to reward you.

*Why do some of us achieve important goals and others struggle? What are the main obstacles or triggers to achieve the goal?

We are all unique beings with a unique life path. We are also eternal beings having a temporarily human experience. In some difficult lifetimes it can prompt us to expand and achieve goals and aspirations. If we have an easier lifetime, there is a risk we may become a bit aloof or lazy. We also have the choice in life whether we take an easier or rockier road. With each life we also come into the lifetime with certain skills and talents from past lives, these can be further developed which makes it easier to excel in these areas.

*There are people who think that events that we call mistakes really aren’t mistakes at all, that they are just directions or attempts to save a person’s life. For example, someone is going to an important business meeting but gets stuck in a traffic jam. During that a terrible fire starts in the building where the meeting was about to take place. What do you think about that?

I don’t really believe in mistakes, no matter what choice we make in life we learn something from it. It’s only in hindsight we may view our choices as a mistake. There are lower and higher outcomes based on our choices and actions. To answer your question, if there was a danger to a particular life, spirit can intervene with something like a traffic jam to place you are out of harms way, if it isn’t your time to leave the planet.

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