How Everything Fits Together

by Maria
(New York)

I started experimenting with meditation about a year ago. I was a freshman in college, three hours away from home for the first time in my life. One of my closest friends had just passed away from stomach cancer, my brother was battling depression, and (though it doesn't sound as serious, it certainly added to the frustration) my roommate was an absolute nightmare. All of these things were going on, and whether it was from my inability to distance myself or the distance getting in the way of my ability to be there for the people who needed me, I was a wreck.

My father had introduced me to the law of attraction when I was about twelve years old--early enough to make a huge impact on the way I thought, but not early enough that the whole "You can do anything" idea sank in as reality. As a result, I felt like I'd only grasped part of the magic that was this secret. I could make it work, but only sometimes. And it never, ever worked for the things I really needed it to--like my brother, and the misery over my friend, and my roommate.

I started meditating when I was tired of feeling only partially in control--when I wanted answers, and for everything to feel like it all fit together. When the things around me began to shift my mentality to a very helpless place, where nothing would ever change.

People aren't kidding when they say the mind is a powerful thing. Frankly, meditation (as well as hypnotherapy) has changed everything about me. Confidence, happiness, and beauty are everywhere I look, and I can't tell if the outside world has been altered, or it's all inside my head, but honestly, I don't care. I'm a happy, fulfilled individual now, and that's what I was aiming for all along. I haven't even hit twenty years old yet, and I feel like, if it's what I truly wanted, I could conquer the world.

The greatest thing about meditation is that it teaches you to be happy *as is.* I still haven't mastered the law of attraction yet, or anything else, for that matter, but the difference between then and now is that now, I'm alright with all that. I'm happy without the money and the career and the car, and I think that's how life's supposed to be. I think once people decide to look inside themselves for the answers (rather than looking in the outside world, because I can assure you, you won't find what you're looking for) everything starts to fit together.

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More about your meditation practice
by: Anonymous

That's interesting.
I feel very out of control myself and want to change this. What meditation routine and exercise do you follow, if you may share?

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