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How can you reduce stress in the workplace

by Madhavi

For many people work is synonymous with stress. In an utopian world, the point of work is to do something that you enjoy and cherish but, as times have changed and needs changed, work is the type of chore you do to earn money, to make two ends meet. As a result of this, many people tend to take on more work than they can handle and start facing situations at work that create stress. A disgruntled colleague or incompatible timings are some of the prime causes.

There are many reasons for stress at work and you cannot possibly leave your job because your are stressed. So, here are some handy tips to help to ward off that work related stress and create a stress free environment where you can once again enjoy your work, and give your hundred percent to the job.

• More often than not stress at work comes from an uncertainty in your role in the office. There are layoffs, there are seniors, juniors and new recruits all vying for a better life and competing for the same. If this is a cause for concern for you, you should try and schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss your role in the company. It need not be a formal meeting but just something that helps you understand the set goals of your company.

• Meditation is known to relieve a lot of stress. With techniques like deep breathing and concentration you can easily calm your mind and relax. Try to leave all your work related problems at work. An important document that has to be dispatched, a project that needs to be completed- none of this should go home with you. Once your work is done, take few minutes off to meditate or deep breathe and clean your mind of all work-related thoughts. Head home to your personal life and to the people who are natural stress busters.

• While going home from office, take a scenic route back if possible. Drive through a lakeside or a nice park and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Such techniques will help reduce the clutter in your mind and clear out any type of stress that you may have.

• Create your own personal space at work. Bring photographs that make you happy, memorabilia from your home or any place that will add a personal touch to your work space. Any stress at work can be countered with these small changes as you look at the objects and those memories associated with them and take a break from office stress.

• Keep yourself active at work. Walk around during every break that you get. Do a couple of stretching exercises or close your eyes for a five minute power nap. All these activities bring you a great rush of physical energy and de-clutter your head from all the work related stress.

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