For Lovers of Meditation

Heart Rhythm Meditation

by Curtis Simpson

I practice and teach a type of meditation called Heart Rhythm meditation. This is an ancient practice that has been developed to meet modern world needs. See the Healthy Heart Meditation website for more info.

In Heart Rhythm Meditation you learn to synchronize your breath with your heartbeat. This creates entrainment in your heart rhythms which gives your heart strength and reduces stress.

In this type of meditation we focus on the heart and breath. This creates deep, satisfying meditations and is pretty easy to do. The heart is the connecting point between body and mind, and between the conscious and unconscious.

Bringing our awareness to our hearts is healthy. This shifts our identity from our minds to our hearts. Being able to feel our bodies is healthful. We connect with our emotional energetic heart.

The heart attracts its desire. Whatever we desire can be found in the heart and whatever is in the heart is what we end up with. Ultimately our purpose in life is found there as well.

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