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Heart Breath

by Karen O'S
(London, UK)

Relaxation – Heart Centre Breathing
Lie down on your back in a comfortable position (Savasana). Close your eyes and relax. Soften your belly and take a slow breath in and a long breath out. Notice the gentle rise and fall of your belly as you breathe.

Bring your attention to your nostrils and notice the breath going in and out through your nostrils.

Now, with your imagination follow your breath as it travels in and out of your body.

Visualize your breath finding its way to your heart.

Follow the path of your breath to the centre of your heart and find a small, warm light glowing at its core.

As each in-breath reaches the centre of your heart, watch that light glow brighter as if you were blowing on an ember.

As you breathe out, watch the light spread from the centre of your heart in all directions.
Allow the light to glow brighter each time you breathe in.

With each outbreath, transport the light beyond your heart in all directions so that it spreads across your body, soothing and relaxing each part of your body as it spreads.

Feel the warm light move across your chest and to your shoulders, up your neck and head. Follow the glow down your back and arms, all the way to your fingertips. As the light spreads, notice the warmth bathing those areas like a soothing balm; each part of you, feeling soft and relaxed. With your next few outbreaths watch the light pour from your heart, to your belly, hips, down your legs and all the way to your feet and toes.

Your whole body is relaxed and glowing from within.

Bask in the warm light and relax.

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Very relaxing.
by: Leslie

Read it aloud to myself. I decided to record my own meditation, because of appreciating yours. We are all connected: thank you.

Gorgeous mini meditation
by: Martine

This is lovely Karen - thank you so much.

I needed something short and sweet, just as a demonstration, and this suits my needs perfectly :)

I love it.

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