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Guided Meditation Script
Rainbow Meditation & Pot of Gold Visualization

*Please note: This script is for personal use only. You cannot use this script to create your own recordings or videos. However you may read this script aloud in classes or to clients. If you are looking for scripts to record, please visit our Royalty Free Meditation Scripts page.

This is an excellent script for achieving total body mind relaxation, for opening the chakras and guiding the listener to experience gratitude and abundance.

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Hello and welcome to your Wishful Thanking Living Rainbow meditation and Pot of gold visualization.

To begin, find a quiet, peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed for about 30 minutes. This is your time, so make the most of it. You may want to turn off your phone, hang a do-not-disturb sign on the door, and really give yourself over to the peace and serenity that is always ready and waiting for you deep within.

Find a comfortable position, either lying down or sitting in a straight back chair, whichever feels best to you today. Take a few nice deep breaths, bringing your awareness fully to the present moment. Let go of any busy thoughts preventing you from tapping into your inner essence.

Now I’ll begin the guided meditation, and as I mention each body part I invite you to bring your awareness to it and relax it as deeply as you can. As you scan your body, if you encounter tension anywhere simply use the power of your mind to melt it away, as easily as warm water melts ice.

Starting at the top of your head, relax your scalp completely. Feel the skin of your forehead and temples relax. Allow your eye muscles to release, your jaw to soften, and let your ears, nose and chin, teeth tongue and gums relax. Now, just let this peaceful feeling flow down your neck. Feel it sooth your throat and dissolve any tension on contact as it glides down to your shoulders, upper arms, forearms, wrists and hands.

Let this peaceful sensation of relaxation begin to fill your torso. Feel it relax your chest, giving your heart more room to grow more expansive; more loving, giving and forgiving. Soften your belly muscles and let this relaxation penetrate even deeper, releasing any tension from your internal organs.

Now let it wrap around you, enveloping you in love and peace as it softens all the back muscles all the way down to the base of the your spine. Continue to breathe in deep, fluid breaths. Breathe in health, happiness and harmony, breathe out any tension, toxins, worries or disease, allowing anything that does not serve you to leave your body like a dark cloud.

Send this peaceful feeling into your hips and buttocks. Let it glide down your thighs, relaxing your legs completely as it flows down to your knees, calves, ankles and feet. Allow any remaining tension from anywhere in your body to flow out your toes, leaving your whole body feeling very comfortable, peaceful and relaxed.

Continue to breathe deep relaxing breaths, feeling your belly rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale. Notice how the air feels cooler as you breathe in, and warmer as you breathe out. Now, imagine a golden glowing ball of light about a foot above the crown of your head. On an inhalation, breathe that light in through the top of your head through the centre line of your body, right down to the tailbone. On the exhalation, breathe that light back up the way it came and out the top of your head. We’ll do this three times, to begin to balance and align your chakras.

Begin to focus on your Root chakra at the base of your spine and visualize a vibrant red glowing ball of light, or if you prefer, imagine a red crystal, flower or fruit. This chakra brings health, security and dynamic presence. Feel it empower you as it connects you to earth energies. You’re radiating power and vitality. Breathe the color red in and out and see yourself living your healthy ideal, feeling happy and grateful for radiant health and boundless energy, weighing your perfect weight with a strong, balanced immune system. Feel how good it feels to have all the energy you need to do all the things you love to do. You feel so grateful for this magnificent body that moves so freely and well and looks so good. Feel yourself healthier than you’ve ever felt before. Now let this vibrant red chakra continue to glow and spin as you move up to your Sacral chakra, located between your root chakra and your navel.

Here, see a radiant glowing orange ball of light. This chakra holds the energy of money, power, sexuality and creativity. Breathe in a rich beautiful orange color and feel it bring the gifts of being happy, enthusiastic, sexually fulfilled, prosperous and abundant. See yourself experiencing true wealth on every level, being grateful for the abundance in your life now, and imagine riches flowing to you in expected and unexpected ways. Let this chakra continue to glow and spin as you move up to your Solar chakra located a few inches above your navel.

Here, see a beautiful sunny yellow glowing ball of light, or visualize a lemon or a sunflower. As you breathe in a vibrant yellow color, feel it expand your joy, self-worth and personal power. See yourself successful and deeply fulfilled in your dream job. Feel the glowing yellow chakra empower you as you move up to your Heart chakra at the centre of your chest, and visualize a beautiful emerald green or a soft pink glowing ball of light.

This is the chakra of love for yourself and others. Let it glow, bringing gifts of compassion, self-acceptance, and the ability to love deeply. Breathe in pink or green and let these feelings expand, seeing yourself living in perfect harmony with everyone in your life. Let it fill you with gratitude for this opportunity to live in this wonderful world. Feel your heart swell with compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others. Now let this chakra continue to glow and spin and gently move up to your Throat chakra located at your throat, visualizing a beautiful blue color. This chakra enables you to communicate with truth and wisdom and express yourself with confidence. Breathing blue in and out, see yourself happily expressing your uniqueness through a creative outlet you enjoy such as singing, dancing, playing a sport, anything you do for fun. Let this chakra continue to glow and spin and gently move up to your 3rd eye chakra located at the centre of your forehead.

See a beautiful deep purpley blue indigo colored glowing ball of light. As it glows it expands your imagination, psychic abilities, inner knowing and wisdom. Feel fully supported by the Universe as you pursue your personal growth goals, happily following your highest path. See yourself living your ideal in the personal growth area of your life, whatever that means to you.

Now let this indigo light continue to glow and spin as you gently move up to your Crown chakra at the top of your head. This is the chakra of spirituality, thought, and service to others. Breathe in violet or white, gold or silver and let this chakra glow as it brings gifts of self-knowledge, spiritual connection and bliss. See yourself living in wisdom and awareness, surrendering into divine love, joyfully contributing to the world in the way most meaningful for you. Let this chakra glow and spin as you bring your awareness back to the golden glowing light above your head. Watch as it transforms into a golden Pot. Now breathe it in through your Crown chakra to your 3ed eye chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar and Sacral chakra, right down to your root chakra. On exhalation breathe it back up the way it came. As it passes through each chakra see the pot filling with gold coins representing the gifts and attributes of each one.

Now visualize this beautiful Pot of Gold above your head once again overflowing with sparkling gold coins. This is your unique pot of gold, filled with everything you could ever want. Let them rain down on you. Spend as long as you like in this peaceful state visualizing all your dreams coming true as you finally lay claim to your pot of gold.

For more free meditation scripts, or to contribute a guided meditation script of your own, please follow this link to free guided meditation scripts.

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