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Guided Imagery Meditation

Guided imagery meditation is a form of meditation that draws upon the power of guided imagery to help you enter into a state of deep relaxation and mental stillness.

It is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to eliminate stress and to experience total inner peace.

Guided Imagery Makes Meditation Much Easier

Let’s face it, meditation has a reputation for being a little bit tricky to master, and not everyone has the time or the inclination to practice traditional meditation techniques on their own.

This is where guided imagery meditation can really help. Through the use of guided imagery, anyone can experience a state of deep meditation. Just pop on your headphones, find a comfortable seat, and allow yourself to be guided into a state of deep meditation by a narrator, while you listen to soothing music. 

Using Guided Imagery For Deep Meditation

Your mind is your most powerful tool for achieving a state of relaxation and inner stillness and imagery is the language that your mind uses to communicate with your body.

When you picture stressful or negative events in your mind, your body will react to those ideas and you will feel stressed. If you imagine soothing, joyful experiences, your entire body responds by becoming relaxed and by releasing natural chemicals that make you feel more positive.

As you listen to a guided imagery meditation, you will be guided to visualize scenes that have a deeply calming effect on your body, your mind, and your entire nervous system. A number of wonderful health benefits result from this experience. For example, your muscles loosen up and relax, your heart rate and blood pressure stabilize, the function of your immune system improves, your emotions settle, and your whole outlook becomes more serene.

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How Guided Imagery Meditation Differs From Other Meditation Techniques

Most people find it a little difficult to stop their minds from wandering about, and their thoughts rush from one idea to the next. In order to stop this incessant flow of thoughts, traditional meditation techniques often rely on the use of a “mantra”.

A mantra is a word, phrase or sound that you repeat to yourself mentally. A mantra gives you something to fix your attention on, and it acts like an anchor that helps to keep you focussed.

But there is no reason why a mantra must be a static, repetitive experience.

With guided imagery meditation, we simply replace the use of a repetitive mantra with a gentle stream of positive mental images. These visualizations work in two ways:

1. They keep your mind engaged so that you are not chewing on all the typical day to day thoughts that usually fill your head. This gives your mind the opportunity to take a much needed break and to become calm.

2. These visualizations are of inherently peaceful scenarios, so by their very nature they tend to give rise to feelings of relaxation, peace, and a sense of “inner spaciousness” and freedom. The experience can be quite blissful!

So if you are in need of some deep rest, if you want to de-stress and unwind, if you are having trouble sleeping, or if you are just sick and tired of all the noise inside your head, then a guided imagery meditation is just what you need! This type of meditation is absolutely effortless...there really is no easier way to experience the wonderful sense of relaxation and stillness that meditation provides.

You really must try this FREE Guided Imagery Meditation Sample. I guarantee that by the time you have finished listening to it, you will feel totally relaxed and refreshed. Go on...treat yourself! 

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