Good Vibrations

by Brad Austen

If we strip everything back to the basics, everything is simply energy. Everyone has a unique vibration that is constantly changing with our mood and the food we ingest. What is quite interesting is that we actually eat food on a subconscious level that matches our vibration at the time. Drugs and alcohol to excess affects our vibration. Recreational drugs affect our astral body and brain chemistry and are best avoided. Loud music at pubs and nightclubs not only damage your eardrums but also your astral body. These situations are best avoided if you are dedicated to your spiritual journey.

The area we choose to live is where we feel most comfortable on a vibration or frequency level. People we associate with, particularly friends also need to vibrate within the range that we feel comfortable. Friends come and go, as the saying goes and the reason behind it is energy. On an energetic level, if one person raises their vibration and the other stays the same, we will find we have less in common with them, and no longer “connect” like before. This is the reason also partners come and go, as one evolves quicker at a given time than the other.

Food essentially is energy and some foods have a higher vibration than others. As we ascend or rise in vibration over time, our diet and food we crave changes. By listening to one’s body, it will tell you what you need at any given moment. Most people have lost this connection with their body, and hence have created much disease in the age we are living in. As one ascends on their spiritual journey it is a natural process to cease
craving meat, or animal flesh. Organic fruit and vegetables have the highest vibration of food.

Meat has the lowest vibration of any food, however seawater fish has the highest vibration of animal flesh. If you look at fresh fish it isn’t a dense meat, and can be semi-transparent uncooked. Sea salt holds a vibration and is part of the reason fish hold a higher vibration than any land animal. The other aspect is the process of how the animal is killed. Animals that are slaughtered instantly go into fear and this vibration is what you are eating in steak and beef hamburgers. I remember eating beef pasta and feeling quite angry afterwards as I had “tuned” into the vibration of what I was ingesting. I no longer crave dense meat and only fish actually. My diet has become mostly vegetarian and is a naturally process as one’s vibration increases.

As one’s vibration increases, one becomes more sensitive to one’s environment and other people. I have become very empathic and can sense if someone is in emotional or physical pain. The trouble is most people are so disconnected from their bodies, they do not realize they are in pain! Naturally this can become overwhelming in crowded places like shopping centres and supermarkets. Learning to ground myself and centre myself has become very important in crowded situations. As one’s sensitivity increases so does one’s ability to heal one’s mind, body and spirit. The key is to watch what you eat, listen to your body and trust your intuition.

Brad Austen is an insightful and creative meditation teacher and a valued member of The Guided Meditation Site. Please follow this link to explore Brad Austen's guided meditations.

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