For Lovers of Meditation

Fly on a bay window

by Lou

After falling asleep during a guided meditation I awoke around about 4 am with a strange sensation of being upside down and dazzled by light and space. I could hear muffled conversation and realised that I was a fly. I was upside down buzzing around a large bay window feeling a little dizzy and disorientated, but fully aware of myself in side this energy. I new that I could fly off to another room in the house, but was enjoying the sunlight and the realisation that kept swooping through my little new body, I knew then that all our souls are one but fragmented into many forms and when you are delivered to this recognition there are no boundaries. It's hard for me to explain. I've never ever imagined being another creature and living and seeing through their form ... Very unexpected ..but know at every moment I am everywhere xxxx

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