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Finding Clarity in the Fog of Depression & Anxiety

by Caz

I began meditating ten years ago, below is my journey to meditation and a fulfilling, happy life.

I thought I had a wonderful life, great kids, beautiful house, attentive husband everything that money could buy, but I wasn't happy! I kept asking myself "What is wrong with you, you have everything you want, be happy". I started to become very anxious and stressed because I should be happy right???

I tried everything, going to counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists, only for them to tell me that I was the most sane person they had met, so why wasn't I happy???

I found myself hopelessly lost in the depths of despair, having random panic attacks and developing chronic fatigue and displaying the symptoms of MS. I often said to myself, "What is going on here, I've always been a confident, outgoing, life of the party kind of girl, how could this happen to me"?

The day I found myself screaming at my kids for some minor issue was the day I realised I needed to change. I went out and borrowed countless personal growth books, dvd's and cd's, I attended workshops and totally changed my lifestyle.

I began meditating every day, the particular meditation that helped me the most was one in which you create a special safe place in your mind, my special place was in a jungle beside a waterfall, surrounded by nature and gentle animals, here I was totally accepted and free. I found that when I went to my special place during meditation I could think clearly, I developed the ability to trust my intuition and made some life changing decisions.

Now 10 years on I am a Life Coach & Personal Trainer and I conduct weekly meditation classes for my clients to ensure that they are given the time and space to "find themselves and the freedom of clarity". It is my passion to motivate and encourage people to achieve fulfilment and happiness in life and I believe that meditation is one of the most important tools in my toolbox.

Yours in happiness & health

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Very influential story.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for shearing your story. I have anxiety and panic attacks and haven't started yet meditation regularly. After reading this I have hope I will be able to cure my anxiety and panic attacks in the future!

Thanks for sharing
by: Tiffany

I also have depression and anxiety, so reading your story was encouraging. I have long told myself that I need to establish a regular meditation practice, and now I finally am. Thank you so much for sharing.

by: Lalitha

I am very much impressed with your article. I want to change myself as you did.

by: Claire

Wow. You really took meditation to a whole new level! You didn't just learn it for yourself, now you teach it to others. What a transformation. Congratulations on your success!

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