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Every Thing is ONE Thing

by TheChillionaire

Remember people. Everything is ONE Thing. And from the ONE Thing arises EVERYTHING. And there is ONLY One Thing. 

We can beat around the bush of our lives and bump into things and shout no at things and continue to pretend that we "have no idea what's going out there??" While we give the majority of our attention to fear and insecurities that we have with ourselves and our world. We can carry on with the game of ignorance while we subdue our discontent with another movie, some more snacks, another cig, another bowl, another beer. 

While we know it's a lie. We all know there is so much more to life than feeding our addictions while we keep the economy going. And this whole weird corporate machine that none of us really care about anyway. We've only kept doing it because everyone else has been doing it. And everyone before us has always done it, and we have all just agreed that "this is just what ya do!" What else would you do? 

Weeeeelll there always the fact that The Infinite Creative Force of the entire Universe is flowing through every cell of your body animating your entire existence! In every moment! Of your ETERNAL! Life experience. Breathing your physical body and animating every aspect of your physical experience. Flowing in, as and through EVERYTHING. 

There's always the fact that in this moment and all moments your body is pulsing out a vibrational signal through the Universe that is the culmination of everything you think, feel and believe about your world. And because this signal is a vibration it is inherently magnetic and brings other vibrational signals back to you that are in harmony with it. Hence, making YOU! the PRIME INFLUENCE in what happens for you in your life. 

You, literally are the driver of how your life flows. Not your job, not the economy, not your degree or your family or your government or whatever. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs guide your personal signal, and Your personal signal is what guides your life for you. Your Life moves according to whatever thoughts feelings and beliefs you subscribe to. Whatever all that self talk you've got goin on in your head is sayin, that is how your life is going to flow. You wanna change what's going on for you, then change how you talk to yourself. Your the driver.

It can be challenging. It's definitely easier to keep bouncing along wondering why things are happening and when are they gonna change? It's much easier to wake up every day and do the exact same thing we did yesterday, while wondering where all the change is? Reaffirming our own insanity every day. Going through the same actions while expecting different results. And that's ok. What else would we do? We haven't known any better. It's the way my mom did it, it's the way the teacher and the preacher did it. It's how they taught me to do it. And everyone on tv's doin it! What else would I do? And that's cool. It takes a lot to turn off the world around you and LIVE your new Truth. Though still, YOU CAN!! 

In fact it's probably what you came here to do. To LIVE your new Truth and be an example for change. I mean, the World needs us to do something! If we want to Thrive! ever. in Life. And of course we do! We all want to live abundant lives, and I'm sure we'd all like everyone else to have everything they need as well. Every Human is entitled to all the good that Life has to offer. And we can ALL have it! One by one we all will have it, until every single one of us has it! In whatever manner one sees fit for ones self! And it all starts with the ONE. It all starts with the YOU!! 

You are the cause of everything in your experience and you are capable of causing good, positive, joyfull, uplifting things to happen for you in your Life. And you deserve to have good, positive, joyfull, uplifting things to happen for you. You deserve the BEST that Life has to offer. And you can create it for yourself. Because YOU are the creator of your experience and YOU are in charge of shaping your reality for you! The world isn't happening "out there" and you know it. It is and internal process that is being reflected "out there". And it starts inside of you. Your world begins inside of you! 

You are responsible for USING your consistent thoughts and feelings to guide and shape your reality for you. Nothing is going to change until you think and feel differently, more often. All of the time is the goal. The more consistent you are with your thought, the faster your world will change for you. You've got to be consistent and you've got to be clear. Wishy washy thoughts bring a wishy washy experience. The more focused and consistent you are with your thinking the faster your reality will move. 

        Define and get clear about what it is you seek to accomplish (regardless of what it is) and remain focused on the outcome your going for. Don't let anything deter you from that focused intention. All day, everyday, from now on be absolutely focused and clear about your goals. Or intentions or whatever. Let nothing tell you anything but support and confirmation. Even if it takes a year. No one ever fails at anything, they just stop trying. Stay focused! It WILL happen! I promise you. I have seen it work way too many times to have any more doubt. And I have found that the defining factor is constancy in holding the vision. You have to hold on to the vision no matter what happens or how much time passes. Stay focused. It WILL happen!

It may take time. It may take some practice. And you have every tool available to you to get started. Your Mind, HARNESSED! is one of the most powerful forces in all of creation. and I believe that to be no exaggeration. Miracles are common when the focused mind is consistently at work. And this tool is ALWAYS at work for you! 

All day, everyday it's rambling on about all kinds of things that may or may not have anything to do with what's actually happening! And generally it's about nothing that's actually happening. It's all just speculation about hypothetical scenarios that you would probably choose to avoid, given the choice. Either way, your own creative force is at work. YOU ARE CREATING!! All day. Every day. Your thoughts are rippling out through the Universe and adding unto All-That-Is. Especially in your own Life. And collectively. Not to mention those same thoughts rippling through your body and influencing the behavior of your cells and how they reproduce. (that's a whole nother article).

You can underestimate the power of your thoughts if you want to. You can keep telling yourself that "it's too hard" or that you "can't do it". That you "already tried that and it didn't work". Tell yourself whatever want. YOU ARE CREATING. It is a fact of our world that there is no getting around. Whatever you think, limited or unlimited, You are creating! Accept this. Know this. WHATEVER YOU THINK. Whatever you think. whatever you think. You are creating.

You've got it! Rock it! It is your thing, do what you want to do. And if you want something else, Do that! Move toward it. Even if it's with only a thought. Because your thought is the catalyst. And you know that's true! It's time to start LIVING like it's true. Get those thoughts on point. Rope in that ramblin' mind of yours. You gonna let those fear filled thoughts drive you sick and into the poor house?? C'mon ya kook, snap out of it! 


We have to try. We don't want to keep on getting what we've been getting do we? It's time we move on. The old stuff is boring and we aren't getting any happier with it. It's time we begin to think and feel our way toward a new world. A world where we have ALL realized the great infinite faculties of our Mind. A world everyone knows the power of their thought on their world, and we are all thinking about the most benevolent outcome for ourselves and everyone in our World.
And with a THOUGHT, we have changed the world. 

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