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Do I Really Have a SoulMate?

by Shanna MacLean
(Eureka Springs, AR)

Have you ever secretly dreamed of your SoulMate? Have you wondered in your heart of hearts if such a person really exists? Have you ever yearned for the partner who matches you perfectly? Of course you have. We all have! There is a good reason for these universal feelings. You do have a SoulMate or Twin Flame, unique and belonging only to you.

Deep within the heart of every person lies the knowledge of the Twin Flame, even though you may or may not be conscious of him/her. Have you ever experienced moments when it felt as though someone dear were right beside you? A touch to your cheek? A whispered word (“did I really hear that?”) Buried beneath heaps of disappointments and disillusionments from ego relating experiences here on Earth, we all feel this inner heart longing which drives our incessant search for the right partner.

Now at the time of humanity’s spiritual awakening, the awareness of that SoulMate relationship becomes of primary importance. The Infinity symbol, the eight, is the symbol of the eternal union of SoulMates. Consciousness of the Twin Flame becomes the key to our awakening and to the transformation of the Earth. In each person is an encoding for Love, activated by opening to the Twin Flame. This activation will help us to embody Love on Earth and change our world to a peaceful, loving place. Think about it. Would there be war and strife if each of us were truly in Love?

But, you say, relationships have been so frustrating and the majority of people seem to have given up on Love. Yes, divorce rates are high and there is bitterness and cynicism over relationships. There are, however, many reasons this is occurring. The increased spiritual Light flooding the planet is opening the human heart and people are feeling a silent inner connection to the SoulMate. This sometimes creates more dissatisfaction with relationship, if one’s current partnership is more of the ego than it is of the heart.

Also, because Love on our planet has often been associated with “getting” something for oneself rather than “giving” (the natural pathway of true Love), people do not yet know how to respond to this powerful changing energy. They continue to change partners with the goal of getting more personal needs met, rather than changing their view of relationship and beginning to explore Love from giving, from the heart.

Suspend all doubt and judgment for a moment and imagine that each person does have a SoulMate or Twin Flame and that we were created with this divine complement at the Moment of Creation. Each of us is a unique and individual cell in the grand Is-ness with its own signature or vibration but with two "parts" or streams of consciousness, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. We can see this divine principle expressed everywhere about us in Nature and even in plumbing and wall sockets. This has nothing to do with gender of bodies on Earth, by the way, but everything to do with the two powerful forces of creation in every couple.

This is much more than another person in a body for whom you must search. People spend their whole lives looking for the elusive yin or yang that fits with them, without ever realizing that the Twin Flame is accessed from within you, through your heart. The truth of the Twin Flame relationship is far grander than anything we can encounter here on Earth, far more mystical and majestic than simply the union of two physical plane mates.

“Then where am I to find this magnificent SoulMate,” you may ask? Every relationship you have ever had has contained the reflection of your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame has been peeking through the eyes of every person with whom you have ever been in relationship, including all the rejects, the “unavailables,” and the “almosts.” All of these relationships have been messages that your Twin Flame is near, for, however it ended, in every case you were drawn magnetically to the energy of the relationship.

“Wait a minute,” you say. “I had nothing to do with the failure of my first marriage. He was a workaholic.” Or, “that was just a learning. I just made a bad choice. I know better now.” Quantum physics is now showing us an amazing demonstration that completely validates the spiritual law of resonance (“like” attracts “like”). There is no objective reality. What is before us in every aspect of our lives changes with our every breath. We create everything that is in front of us by like resonance. The beauty of this is that as we shift and change, so does who and what enters our personal reality.

The same is true of our beloved Twin Flame within who has always been a part of our energy field, patiently waiting for the closest possible connection. As we clear all of our old misconceptions and fears about Love from our hearts and begin to live with an open heart, our SoulMate or Twin Flame will come into view -- reflected, yes, in someone in a body before us. The more our consciousness expresses unconditional Love and giving, the molecules which make up our ever-moving energy field go into motion, drawing to us the like energy, the pure Love of our Twin Flame.

“Where does he/she come from,” you ask? We are all moving molecules and molecules of like resonance magnetize to each other. As we become Love, that Love will show itself in us and before us in our partner. We do not have to go anywhere or do anything special. We will literally call and draw our SoulMate to us into our current partner or through a new partner, just like a magnet.

The activation of the energy of the Twin Flame within is what many people are now feeling in this time of transformation on Earth. The influx of spiritual Light onto the Earth is opening our hearts to the Love with which we were created and everything that is not resonant with Love is coming to the surface to be released. As we dissolve and release all the fears about being abandoned, being imperfect, being unworthy, being, being being, this sometimes also brings some “almosts” in relationship as our Twin seeks the closest union possible with us.

Dedication to becoming Love and only Love and a deep trust in Spirit for our next steps are guiding principles for activating the SoulMate energy. Remember, the Twin Flame is an integral part of you who has always been with you. You cannot NOT find each other!

Shanna Mac Lean lives and works at Circle of Light Spiritual Center in Eureka Springs, AR. She is the author of Eternal Twin Flame Love, The Story of ShannaPra, a biographical inter-dimensional Love story. The material in this article was taken from the Messages from God, brought through mystic Yael Powell at Circle of Light over many years. For more information, Shanna can be contacted at

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by: Ruby

Use your own discernment. Not everything that is online is true or real, especially in the spiritual community. DISCERNMENT is important. Everyone is on a journey and in a different state of consciousness. God/light is different for many, so many fake lights mimicking and so many dark mimicking the real light too. This is why going within and discerning is very important. 🙏🏽💜

How do we know what you say is real?
by: Anonymous

If all of this is true, why did you leave The Circle of Light? It's like you've just gone offline or something and it makes me wonder if you had second thoughts about your beliefs or perhaps Yael and Doug themselves. I want so badly to believe and I've read your book, which I found interesting. But the fact that you're nowhere to be found on the net anymore makes me feel suspicious about it all.

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