For Lovers of Meditation

Daily Bread & Butter For Your Soul

by Upendrs
(Mumbai, India)

My famous Quote, "Meditation is foot of the soul, life-line of the Body and Eyes and Ears of the Mind". It is daily Bread butter of the soul. This gives explanation why one should Meditate.

I started meditating about 4 years back. I can say that to start and continue meditation is little more difficult for exptroverts than introverts. However one's strong will and persistent efforts will yield success.

The benefits of Meditation are immense and difficult to put exactly into words. It's better experienced by yourself than understood by somebody elses words. Like learning swimmimg - you have to swim.

If you ask what is the nature of a Fire? It is Heat.

If you ask what is the nature of Water ? It is Cool.

In a similar way If you ask what is nature of a Soul? I would say peace.

The soul loses peace due to environment or unplesant thoughts. The bad health or absence of rest will loose peace of Soul. Since Body, Mind and Soul cannot be separated the effect of disturbed soul will have on Body and Mind.

A layman (a non practicing meditator) may find it difficult to distinguish between Mind and Soul. In short, the life giving force which helps you breath is soul and ones emotions plus thoughts may be construed as mind. A thoughtless Mind takes you near to Soul.

Meditation will cut you off from outer world when you close your eyes and practice will help to cut off thoughts. One should start meditating at least for 10 minutes in the morning and evening by taking help from experts like "The Guided Meditation Site", till it is formed as habit.

The benefits are summarised below:

You become calm in life and start receiving help from unexpected unknown corners. You always find yourself in Win situation. Your energy level remains high throughout day. Your past experiences and future worries do not bother you. Your relationships improve and you learn to "let things GO". Negative traits begin to fade and are replaced by positive ones. Your thoughts and action get co-ordinated to produce excellent results.

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